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Downtown Lake Merritt Neighborhood Updates

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  • Zach Seal
    NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH MEETING Tomorrow night, Monday August 14, a meeting will be held to form a Neighborhood Watch group and get to know your neighbors. It will
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 13, 2006
      Tomorrow night, Monday August 14, a meeting will be held to form a
      Neighborhood Watch group and get to know your neighbors. It will be
      at 7PM at 1461 Alice Street. A representative of the Oakland Police
      Department will discuss crime prevention techniques including home and
      personal security. For more information contact 510-465-6698.

      A developer has purchased the Schilling Gardens parcel on 19th &
      Alice, adjacent to Snow Park. Their intention is to build a 40-STORY!
      condominium high-rise with 370 units. To find out more information
      and get on the email list to be notified about public hearings
      regarding this project, contact Mike Bowman:
      835-4840/mikebow@... or Antonio May: 645-9070/antono@...

      We are inching closer to getting permit parking signs installed on
      Jackson and Madison. The deadline for mailing in your application and
      payment is Aug 21. If enough people don't mail in payment, the signs
      won't be installed. To download a copy of the application and for
      more information, visit the listserv website:

      In the next week or so, the Downtown Lake Merritt Neighborhood Group
      website should be up and running. If anyone wants to make a
      contribution (it will cost $80 a year to host the website), call or
      email me. Or, if anyone has any web design experience and would like
      to help design the website, let me know.

      There are many small and medium-sized development projects in the
      pipeline for our neighborhood. Currently, because our community is
      not politically organized, developers believe they can build whatever
      they want in our neighborhood with little to no resistance from us.
      One of the primary goals of creating the Downtown Lake Merritt
      Neighborhood Group is to build an active political base that can be
      mobilized at the appropriate time to have a say in the design, size
      and type of development that is planned for our neighborhood over the
      next few years. For example, I hope our group will have some input into:

      1) The aforementioned 40-STORY! condominium high-rise with 370 units at 19th & Alice, adjacent to Snow Park.
      2) The development currently in the planning stages for the parking
      lots bookending the Hill Castle Apartments on Jackson between 14th & 15th.

      However, there are many smaller issues that we will be tackling first
      as we build our base and get to know one another. Here is a list of
      ideas for future initiatives:

      • Change street cleaning times from 12AM-3AM to daytime or early
      evening hours.
      • A neighborhood potluck BBQ sometime in the Fall.
      • Crosswalk on Jackson Street at 15th Street.
      • Speed "bumps" or "humps" on Jackson Street between 14th-17th Streets.
      • Some park space on the square block of 13th/14th Streets &
      Jackson/Alice Streets. This square block is currently a parking lot.

      Zach Seal
    • Zach Seal
      Permit Parking- We Did It!!! Finally! A big thank you to those who helped gather signatures and put up fliers. I hope everybody s enjoying the newfound
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 30, 2006

        Permit Parking- We Did It!!!

        Finally! A big thank you to those who helped gather signatures and put up fliers.  I hope everybody's enjoying the newfound freedom to park near where you live for longer than two hours!  If anyone is interested in hosting a permit parking celebration party, let me know. To download an application and see if you live on an eligible block, go to www.groups.yahoo.com/groups/downtownlakemerritt

        There is still work to be done on the parking permit front, however.  Jackson between 15th-17th and Madison between 14th-15th & 17th-Lakeside are still without permit parking.  We have spent a lot of time collecting the required signatures, and as a result the City will be holding a public hearing to determine if there is a need for permit parking on these streets.  I STRONGLY encourage you to attend this meeting even if you already have permit parking.  A great way to build our neighborhood's sense of community is to have residents with permit parking show up to support neighbors without permit parking!  Second, permit parking on these additional streets will expand the number of permit parking spaces for everybody since the entire area is all part of the "F" zone.

        When: Thursday September 14, 6PM

        Where: Oakland Main Library on 14th Street between Madison & Oak in the West Auditorium


        Downtown Lake Merritt Neighborhood


        We are in the beginning stages of designing the website.  It will include information about:

        -  Development projects in our neighborhood.

        -   A wish list for neighborhood improvements, such as different street cleaning hours, a crosswalk at Jackson/15th Street and enhancements to Snow Park.

        -   Social activities planned for our neighborhood, such as a potluck BBQ in late-September/early October

        -   Times and locations for meetings to discuss goals for the group and neighborhood improvements we'd like to see.

        -   A message board/chat room.

        As soon as we make a little more progress, a launch date will be announced.  If anyone has any ideas for what they would like to be included on the website, please email me: zachseal@...


        Neighborhood Meetings

        - Neighborhood Watch Meeting: September 6th 6:30PM @ 1461 Alice Street
        - Neighborhood Crime Protection Council (NCPC) Meeting: Sept 13th 6:30PM @ City Hall Room 3 (Pre-Meeting 6:00PM @ 1461 Alice Street.  Group will walktogether to City Hall).

        For more information, contact:


        damontighe1@... and/or



        November 7th City Council Election-

        Aimee Allison

        Aimee Allison is running against incumbent Pat Kernighan for the City of Oakland District 2 Seat.  This district is adjacent to our neighborhood and this election's outcome could have a big impact on our neighborhood and the City.  Pat Kernighan receives over half of her contributions from developers, and  has a reputation for siding with developers over her constituents.  She has supported numerous development projects that receive generouspublic subsidies and don't meet even the lowest standards of architectural quality.  Aimee Allison is more likely to support projects that bring in tax revenue for the City and benefit the community in other ways as well.

        If you would like to volunteer for Aimee Allison's campaign, call her Volunteer Coordinator Naina at 347-528-6023.  You can also call me at 510-832-3921

        You can also visit her website at www.aimeeallison.org/


        Co-ed Softball

        My work softball team is short a few players.  If you would like to come out and practice or play, let me know.  It's very social, not too competitive. We need both guys and girls.



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