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FYI: John Russo to speak at APAC 14X meeting next week

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  • isles_matthew
    Hello. Matt Isles from the Adams Point Action Council (14X) here. I thought some of you folks might be interested in attending our NCPC meeting next week as
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2008

      Matt Isles from the Adams Point Action Council (14X) here. I thought
      some of you folks might be interested in attending our NCPC meeting
      next week as it will feature John Russo, City Attorney. Here's some
      more info about that appearance:

      On very short notice, City Attorney John Russo's office was able to
      arrange for Mr. Russo to join us at our meeting next week. He will
      take questions, and present some information about a new joint effort
      between the OPD, the Alameda County DA's office, and the Oakland City
      Attorney's office to crack down on "chronic non-felony crimes" such
      as disorderly conduct, illegal dumping, drug-related offenses,
      disturbing the peace and selling stolen property. See the website
      for the City Attorney for more info on this effort:

      Beat 14X Problem Solving Officer Madlansacay will be joining us for
      the first time in a few months as well, so if you have questions
      about recent crimes or related matters, please bring those to his
      attention during the Q&A with him.

      Below is the text of the meeting agenda. I will also post a copy in
      Word Document format in the Files section of the APAC Yahoo Group.

      Incidentally, since Mr. Russo will lead off the meeting with his
      presentation, I'd like to encourage those who plan to attend to
      arrive as close to 7pm as their schedules allow, so that we can have
      a good showing for Mr. Russo's presentation. And come prepared with
      questions. Thanks... (as usual, apologies for the rough formatting
      below, I cut and paste the text from a more heavily formatted Word

      Adams Point Action Council Meeting
      Tuesday, October 14, 7:00-8:15 PM
      The Bellevue Club, 525 Bellevue Avenue, 4th Floor, Terrace Room

      The Adams Point Action Council (APAC) serves everyone who lives,
      works, studies, worships, or conducts business in the Adams Point
      neighborhood. We are committed to addressing quality of life issues,
      building community, and reducing crime in our neighborhood.

      APAC meets at the same location and time every second TUESDAY of the
      month. This is your council. We need you to make it work! You
      deserve safe, quiet, and clean streets. This is the time to get
      involved or re-involved.

      Topic Who Process Time
      1. Welcome, Agenda Review Matt Isles Info 7:00-7:05 pm

      2. Special Guest Speaker:
      John Russo, Oakland City Attorney – Will discuss new program to
      prosecute misdemeanor crimes more aggressively, Q & A
      Presentation and discussion 7:05-7:30pm

      3. Report from 14X Problem Solving Officer, Q & A Officer
      Menandro Madlansacay Info and discussion 7:30-7:45pm

      4. Community announcements Group Info and discussion 7:45-8:00pm

      Coffee, tea and water will be served, courtesy of The Bellevue Club
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