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95Neighborhood Mural?

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  • sealzachary
    Jul 12, 2008
      There has been some discussion for awhile about painting a mural in our neighborhood.  Some possible locations include the walls in front of the Hill Castle Apartment building parking lot, the wall in front of the Sincere Hardware storage parking lot (at 15th & Jackson), and the large blank canvas on the backside of the Scottish Rite Center on Madison Street.

      If you are an artist or know an artist(s) who might be interested in painting a mural on one of these walls (or another place in our neighborhood), please reply to this email.  CLICK HERE to view photographs of the three possible mural locations.

      Please keep in mind:
      -We do not yet have permission from the owners of these buildings to paint on their walls.  If an artist or group of artists is serious about painting a mural, we will proceed with obtaining permission from the owners.
      -The Downtown Lake Merritt Neighborhood Group does not have the funds to pay an artist to paint these murals.  If there is a generous person or people or group out there who would like to sponsor this project, please reply to this email.  Without a benefactor, I believe our group would be able to raise enough money to pay for paint and other supplies.