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77Schilling Garden Meeting This Sunday (to discuss public forum/debate)

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  • sealzachary
    Feb 20, 2008
      The next meeting to continue organizing the public forum on the Schilling Garden project -- a 42-story high rise residential projet proposed for our neighborhood (at the intersection of 19th & Alice) -- is this Sunday February 24th at 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm.  Some important decisions about the forum/debate will be made.  These are the questions that will be answered at the meeting:

      1) What is the purpose of the forum?
      2) What will the format will be?  Panel discussion?  Debate style? Will we need a moderator?  If so, who?
      3) Which individuals/groups should be invited to make presentations? 
      4) Where will the forum take place?

      Email zachseal@gmail or reply to this email to find out the meeting location.

      Here is the website address for the DLMNG Schilling Garden/Emerald Views blog.  There are some interesting conversations going on there right now.  I can't write the entire link or else this email will go into into peoples' junk folders, but you should be able to figure it out:
      (put www and a dot here) EmeraldViewsSchillingGardens (put a dot here) blogspot (put a dot here) com

      After the Schilling Garden meeting ends at 5:15, there will be a 2nd meeting at 5:30 to discuss the DLMNG mission statement.  Anyone is welcome to stick around for the 2nd meeting of they wish.

      I hope to see some of you next Sunday!