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33Neighborhood Meeting

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  • Zach Seal
    Mar 10, 2007
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      A message posted by resident Chris Kattenburg:

      Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

      I'm writing to invite you to come to the next Beat 4 Neighborhood
      Crime Prevention Council (N.C.P.C.) meeting.  The purpose of these
      meetings is to discuss neighborhood concerns, ideas for neighborhood
      improvements, crime prevention strategies and community building.

      7PM to 8PM
      This Wednesday March 14
      City Hall Hearing Room 3 (1st floor).
      Use my contact information below if you would like to walk to the
      meeting as part of a group.

      The Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council is a democratically
      conducted, city recognized forum for neighborhood residents.

      At our next meeting, we will also discuss a resolution I offered to
      rename this body "Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council" to simply
      "Neighborhood Council."  I offered this resolution in consideration of
      many in our neighborhood who are interested in multiple avenues of
      community building, such as neighborhood beautification improvements
      (more trees, sidewalk repairs, etc.), strengthening social services
      and programs, and promoting public health, local businesses, and
      economic development.  Of course, these complement community policing
      and police services.

      The text of my draft resolution can be found at the following link.
      Click on "Draft Resolution 1" in the "Steering Committee" file folder.
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group /PSA1Beat4/files/

      Note: to view the file you first have to sign up for the group by
      clicking on the "Join This Group" button on the right side of the
      screen at the NCPC homepage:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group /PSA1Beat4/

      Many Thanks,
      Chris Kattenburg
      Jackson Street Resident and Vice President of the Downtown Lake
      Merritt Neighborhood Group
      http://www.groups.yahoo.com /group/DowntownLakeMerritt
      : chris.kattenburg@...