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  • Zach Seal
    Sep 8, 2006

      Now that we are well on our way to permit parking on every street in our neighborhood, we can begin to focus on an issue that could have a huge impact on our neighborhood: An out of town developer has just purchased the Historic Schilling Gardens on 19th & Alice (adjacent to Snow Park ).  Their intention is to build a 40 story hi-rise condo with 370 units.

      I am very much in favor of development that brings people and shops into our community and makes our neighborhood a more fun and vibrant place to live.  However, this project will dramatically alter our neighborhood in negative ways.  It will:

      - Cut off sunlight during many hours of the day and cast very large shadows on our streets.

      - Increase automobile traffic exponentially.

      - Take away open space from our neighborhood while increasing the need for it (by bringing in over a thousand more residents into our neighborhood).  For pictures of what the gardens look like (currently, the gardens are padlocked and cannot be accessed), call or email Antonio May: antono@... (645-9070)

      Here's What We Can Do
      Our Councilmember Nancy Nadel is upset because a few years ago the owner of the Schilling Gardens offered to DONATE the Gardens to the City of Oakland Recreation and Parks Department, but the department turned down the offer without consulting the City Council. Councilmember Nadel has therefore scheduled a hearing to determine if the City can retroactively accept this donation to turn the Shilling Gardens into public open space, which would unlock the padlock so our neighborhood could see and enjoy the beautiful Schilling Gardens on Alice & 19th, right next to Snow Park .   Nancy Nadel's office has called a few members of our neighborhood to request that we bring as many people as possible to the hearing.  We are asking as many of you aspossible to attend this hearing:

      WHEN: Tuesday, Sept 12, 12:30PM to 2:00PM

      WHERE: City Hall, First Floor, Room #1       


      Wefully understand that many of you will not be able to attend because the hearing is being held during working hours.  You can still contribute in a big way by sending an e-mail with a simple statement of support for the City's effort to try to save the Schilling Gardens . This email should be sent to Antonio May: antono@... (645-9070) NO LATER THAN THIS SUNDAY, SEPT 10.

      If you are not sure what to say in the email, would prefer to simply sign a petition, or if you have any general questions about the Shilling Gardens or the meeting, contact Antonio May: antono@... (645-9070)

      Thank you,

      Zach Seal

      Downtown Lake Meritt Neighborhood Group