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100City of Oakland Free Tree Plantings

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  • sealzachary
    Sep 3, 2008
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      If you would like to have a tree planted for free on the sidewalk in front of your apartment building, condo or house, download and fill out the City of Oakland Tree Planting form (go to www.DowntownLakeMerritt.com and click on the "Plant a Tree For Free" link on the left hand column). Your property owner's or apartment manager's signature is required.

      There is a sense of urgency because impending cuts in city services and programs to cover the $50+ million budget shortfall may mean the end of this program.  Lets hurry up and beautify our sidewalks by submitting the Tree Planting form (link above) in case this program is eliminated.

      The City will:

          * Inspect your property for a qualified location
          * Cut open sidewalk and remove concrete
          * Backfill well after cutting
          * Select an appropriate tree species
          * Install a free 15 gallon tree
          * Classify the tree as "Official" and provide the necessary maintenance for the tree (stakes, pruning, sidewalk repair)

      You must commit to:

          * Water the tree for three years (when it does not rain often enough)
          * Keep the tree well free of weeds and litter