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Re: Fibromyalgia

Hi Chris, I had also constant pains in my upper legs, really sore muscle all the time, I was unable to make sport or even a longer walk. But then my endo
Feb 3, 2012

someone positive experience with dostinex?

Hi, I'm female, 46. After 4 years on Dostinex ( 0,25 mg per week) I stopped the tabs 3 month ago, because I never got used to the side effects and I have
Feb 3, 2012

Re: heart valve failure

I stopped taking dostinex years ago because it over stimulate my central nervous system and now I'm having serious nervous system problems either fibromyalgia
Michael Cope
Jun 22, 2011

heart valve failure

hi do you have any news about the problem that dostinex can cause to heart valves?the dose of 0,5mg per week is safe? thanks
Jun 22, 2011

Re: Dostinex

I hate dostinex and really screamed about side effects on the user group, but I can say this I dont' think the aneurysym is from the dostinex in fact dostinex
Michael Cope
Oct 8, 2010

Re: Dostinex

Where I come from, the land dowunder called oz- there is no talk about side effects of dostinex from any of my endo's. In fact they are real blaze' about the
chyna shepherd
Sep 29, 2010

Re: Ex-dostinex users

HI Ms Eyes, thanks you and yes, I am glad to hear from  someone too.  I really miss reading the posting from the dostinex work.  it kind of made me feel
Gema Cute
Sep 15, 2010

Re: Ex-dostinex users

Hi Beverly, I am so sorry to hear that your endo did not inform you of the side effects. Try taking meds just before bed to lessen the effects of it unless the
Ms Eyes
Aug 29, 2010

Re: Ex-dostinex users

Hi Gema, So glad to find someone from the group. Hopefully your endo will have good news for you on your next visit. Have you tried taking the bromocriptine
Ms Eyes
Aug 29, 2010

Re: Ex-dostinex users

Hi everyone. I took dostinex for a very long time then I was changed to the generic cabergoline. I took cabergoline for about 2 or 3 years minimum but did not
Gema Cute
Aug 29, 2010

Re: Ex-dostinex users

Hi msbrillianteyes, Great question. I have not taken dostenix for a year. I just had an MRI this morning. I'll be waiting for the results. I'm not
Aug 27, 2010

Ex-dostinex users

Hello all, I realize that this group is now inactive but I think it should have stayed active. It has been quite some time since I've taken Dostinex. I
Dec 28, 2009

High Prolactin

I no I have not written for so long and the group is not active but I need advice, I am in the uk so the medical system is slightly different to the states,
Jan 16, 2009


I have been on Dostinex quite a while for prolactinoma. Actually with a 8 month trial break, been on since 2005. When I adressed the issue of heart valve
Dec 9, 2008


I was diagnosed with prolactinoma almost 2 years ago. Before I was put on medication and the tumor was 7mm, along with all the horrible stuff going on like
Dec 9, 2008
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