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63Liberals killing seniors

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  • scabby2444
    Feb 6, 2013
      Generational Warfare Will Hasten the Death of Seniors
      Submitted by may on November 14, 2011 - 1:49am
      Being a senior these days is getting a lot more dangerous because it seems just about everyone on the Left wants seniors to die more quickly. President Obama has successfully resurrected not only racial conflict and class warfare but has also ushered in generational warfare, which is simply the desire to kill off the elderly.

      First there were the Medicare death panels. Politicians and bureaucrats keep cutting reimbursements to physicians and hospitals. If physicians and hospitals cannot afford to treat Medicare patients, more senior citizens will die. In many places, senior citizens can no longer find physicians who are willing to care for the elderly.

      Then there was ObamaCare. As Nancy Pelosi warned us, there is much about ObamaCare that we will learn. Most of what we are learning is not good. The FDA advisory panel recently removed metastatic breast cancer as an indication for Avastin, a cancer drug that worked miracles in some women. Herman Cain claims he would have been dead already under ObamaCare, because he would not have had access to life saving cancer treatment at MD Anderson.

      It now seems that those over 73 will not be getting much cancer care according to ObamaCare regulations. If the patient is elderly, they may well lack the ability to defend themselves against the government death panels.

      Now the Greens are waging generational warfare. The young environmentalists want the elderly to die faster. Lisa Hymas of the Grist wrote,

      Generation Y is more likely than older generations to support clean energy and environmental protection and to believe climate change is happening and is caused by human activity, according to new Pew polling and analysis. Generation X is close behind. Boomers aren't so bad either. It's the old folks, the so-called Silent Generation aged 66-83, that are the big problem.

      There's long been talk about how gay rights will continue to advance as homophobic old codgers die off. Looks like the push for a cleaner, greener society will get a boost from that same cohort replacement effect…

      When it comes to environmental laws and regulations, the oldsters are even more out of touch…

      The younger you are, the more you're going to get screwed by climate change. Many retirees might be loath to shake up the system in their twilight years, but younger people know the system's already broken and needs an overhaul. Unfortunately, we don't have time to wait for the clueless cohort to exit stage left; we need to act yesterday. For starters, younger voters need to come out to the polls in at least the same numbers as the fogies.

      Class warfare has made a comeback. Is it time for some generational warfare too?

      All this Obama "Hope and Change" has not been good for seniors. Not long ago one worked hard, saved for retirement, and enjoyed an often long and fulfilling retirement without having to fear our government.