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56anti-terrorist lard

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  • scabby2444
    Feb 6, 2013
      Is There a Lard Solution?
      Submitted by may on November 16, 2010 - 1:38am
      Would putting 50 gallons or more of lard (pig fat) on each commercial airliner deter terrorists from committing suicide on airliners in order to kill people and destroy property? It might reduce the need for full body scanners and the pat down of private body parts during TSA airline passenger screening? It would not deter terrorists from placing bombs in baggage or on cargo planes.

      There is information that Israeli buses have 5-gallon containers of lard or bags of lard at strategic places on each bus. Should a terrorist detonate a bomb on the bus, some of the body parts of the terrorist would most likely come in contact with the lard.

      There are reports that the larding of busses was started in Israel as early as 2004. Other reports, such as the above, indicate this may still be under consideration. In any case, it seems Israeli bus bombings have markedly decreased in frequency over the past several years. Border fences and increased security could also be major contributing factors.

      In a possible attempt to avoid the lard in the bus, a terrorist in March blew a bus up from behind with a bomb attached to a motorcycle. However, there are no apparent news reports implicating the fear of lard as a motive in this bombing.

      The Koran tells Muslims that if they contaminate themselves with pigs, they will not be admitted to heaven. Presumably other Muslims who would be contaminated by lard during such an Israeli bus explosion would not be banned from heaven because the contamination was no fault of their own? I was not able to find any reports of Muslims who live in Israel complaining about the lard proposal. Presumably both peaceful Israeli Muslims and Jewish Israelis equally fear the Radical terrorists and want a stop to the terrorist attacks?

      Killing and incarcerating terrorists eliminate those terrorists from killing and injuring more innocent people. Cancelling a terrorist's ticket to heaven could stop the terrorist attack before it started.