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Re: The case is back!

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  • Roel Steverink
    From: Bakis Sirros Date: Sat Sep 6, 2003 7:06 pm Subject: Re: [Doepfer_a100] The case is back! Hi Bakis, Yes, your right of cause.
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 8, 2003
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      From: Bakis Sirros <synth_freak_2000@y...>
      Date: Sat Sep 6, 2003 7:06 pm
      Subject: Re: [Doepfer_a100] The case is back!

      Hi Bakis,

      Yes, your right of cause. I figured that one out.
      The problem is that I got another case from Music
      House, cause they wouldn't want me to wait any longer,
      cause they were not yet satisfied with the voltages.
      So I got another one. This means of course that
      my additional 5v supply is still in the case at
      Music House quarters in Utrecht! So tonight I mailed
      Mark and Ben to tell him that, that they have to
      send me that additional supply.

      Thanks for the reminder! I haven't thought that far,
      but your right of course. It will soup up 60ma, extra
      polating this, does it mean that I can't have all
      the modules I want for the third case due to this
      extra "loss" ma or that I need another extra supply!

      No about the probably broken A110. I experienced
      the following. I still had connected the A190 to the
      bussboard, although it didn't work. I decide to dis
      connect it, cause it didn't work anyway this way.
      When I did that and connected the A110 again, it
      worked fine again!!!
      So I'm very relieved that is still in one piece!
      You know I need every osc I got to make sounds.


      If you are reading this mail, I forgot to answer
      one important question. I missed two pins at the
      bottom. Meaby you can tell me what then happens to
      the volt supply!



      hi roel,
      you know that if you have the low-cost 5volts
      adaptor(i guess that's what you have)you can remove it
      from the first case and put it in the third case,in
      the bussboard(as described in the a100 manual).so,you
      can put your a190 in the third case.but,keep in mind
      that the 50mA at +5volts, that the a190 needs, are
      drawn from the 650ma of the PSU!that means that the
      a190 consumes 10mA at 12 volts PLUS 50ma at
      +5volts!so,in total,it needs 60mA from the 650mA of
      the PSU!
      now,about the vco,you say that you put it in the third
      case.maybe you checked this vco when you had also
      connected the a190 (that needed the additional
      5volts)in the third case and the power supply wasn't
      enough for this vco?
      also,if you have wrongly connected the vco's ribbon
      cable to the bussboard and have not turned on the
      power before you correct your ribbon cable connection,
      then you cannot destroy your vco.but if you have
      connected your vco correctly to an a100 case with
      enough PSU power for this vco and still the vco has
      problems,then it probably needs repair.

      --- Roel Steverink <r.steverink@w...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > At last I have my case back.
      > The cause was unstable power.
      > So that evening I spend a couple
      > of hours putting the modules back.
      > But this time I have put them in new places
      > mostly. More logical.
      > That's only for the first case, which
      > was empty of course.
      > The rows in the first case have a
      > specific order: VCO-VCF-EG-Mixer-LFO.
      > I put the multiples in the right corners.
      > And I must say this works much better then
      > before.
      > It's easier to work with these "basic"
      > modules, patching has become more intuitive!
      > But of course when things go smooth, they mostly
      > go to smooth and yes two drawbacks appeared.
      > I placed my A190 in the third case (which is still
      > being filled) in the right upper corner. When
      > I had connected it and tried, I was suprised that
      > it didn't work! I thought how's that possible?
      > Then all of a sudden it came to me, damn this module
      > needs an additional 5v!!!
      > You understand, I don't want to put it in the first
      > case again, this is right place for it!
      > I fear I can't remove the 5v power from the first
      > case
      > and put it in the third?!
      > Another, this time strange thing is followed. I have
      > my 7th oscillator in the third case. No, comes the
      > strange
      > thing. It works, but not as it should be. I only get
      > very high frequenties. I can't even go through the
      > whole
      > range up, cause when it reaches 3+ the sound totally
      > dissapears!
      > However the sound becomes a little bit stronger when
      > I go to -2.
      > But when I plug it into the A-176 the sound is
      > normal
      > again???
      > I don't understand why this is possible.
      > Important to say is, that I first wrongly connect it
      > too
      > the busboard! I plugged it and missed two din pins.
      > Is it possible that this short mis-connection has
      > caused
      > this??? Isn't the module protected against this?
      > Anyone!
      > I placed a new order at Music House.
      > A127
      > A128
      > A145
      > I'm very much looking forward to work, especially
      > with the
      > first two, but another LFO is also exciting cause
      > for the
      > first time (with LFO's that is) I can experiment
      > with mixing parallel
      > signals!
      > Then something really spectacular. 18th of october I
      > gonna
      > participate in a workshop of sonologie in the
      > basement of the Music House
      > shop in Utrecht, Netherlands. The teaching will be
      > done
      > exclusively on a yes, yes Roland 700 modular!!!!!
      > No one less then Rob Hordijk, famous synth
      > specialist is the teacher!
      > You can imagine that I'm looking forward to this
      > date!
      > Cheers,
      > Roel

      Bakis Sirros
      Parallel Worlds / Polariton
      [Doepfer_a100] group owner
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