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FS: Doepfer A141 (2x), Doepfer A130

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  • achtung_999
    For sale: Doepfer A-141 VC ADSR - Ç67 per piece (I am selling 2) Doepfer A-130 Linear VCA (version 2 from 2001) - Ç39 From a smoke free studio. Some rack
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2013
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      For sale: 

      Doepfer A-141 VC ADSR - €67 per piece (I am selling 2) 
      Doepfer A-130 Linear VCA (version 2 from 2001) - €39 

      From a smoke free studio. 
      Some rack rash on all, nothing too bad though. 

      The A-130 is cheap because it's an old version only usable as a VCA to process audio. At that time this was the design of this module. 
      Nice and cheap VCA to start with! 

      Preferably like to sell within the EU, via bank transfer but paypal & abroad is also very much possible
      Prices are excluding sending costs (and possible paypal fees). 

      Contact me off list please>> heinrich.himmelwasser@...


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