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Re: [Doepfer_a100] I'm seeing orange, orange and orange!

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  • bakis S
    hi roel, one word for the mono/poly:EXCELLENT!!! i use it on every track!i mainly use it for wierd cross mod,sync sounds as it has 4 vco s and the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2001
      hi roel,
      one word for the mono/poly:EXCELLENT!!!
      i use it on every track!i mainly use it for wierd
      cross mod,sync sounds as it has 4 vco's and the
      combinations/possibilities are many and the sound is
      huge!!the bass seems to me very fat...in fact i would
      say that it has a better sound than the arp
      odyssey(but i like both...).and make no mistake:the
      ms10/ms20 synths sound different from a
      mono/poly!that's why i want an ms20 despite the fact
      that i have a mono/poly.i really love my monopoly!!!of
      all my vintage synths it's my favourite and looks much
      better that the more expensive odyssey...
      as for the selector...who wouldn't want a big system??
      but then again i think:for the same money i could
      build a monster doepfer a100 system...
      so,here's what i will do:first i will build a HUGE
      a100 system(much more than 100 modules...).then if and
      when i have the money i will go for a selector system
      (that,i must admit,it has a very small selection of
      modules...despite the name...)
      as for the a112: i can not resist the possibility of
      changing the sample rate in real time...that's why i
      want it!
      and who is that bernd kistenmacher???i haven't seen
      any cd's of him in greece...
      synthfreak(parallel worlds)

      --- Roel Steverink <roel.steverink@...> wrote:
      > H� Synthfreak,
      > I'm not going to say told you so. But, cause I
      > didn't know any other synths with orange lights,
      > immediately when I turned the power on, I saw those
      > fascinating orange lights. Everytime I switch on my
      > machine, I'll stare at the those ultra brigth orange
      > lights. I'm real proud there are orange.
      > Have you see that Doepfer has made a blue series,
      > yes real blue lights! Not the Doepfer, but the Maq
      > 16/3, Regelwerk and Schaltwerk! Looks really cool.
      > The Selector from Switserland has also blue lights.
      > In fact blue and green. I think the Selector looks
      > really cool (of course when you have a big one, like
      > Bernd Kistenmacher has), with that black-dark blue
      > tiger motiv and then those yello patchcords, which
      > really contrasts with the other colours. If I had
      > the money, the Selector would certainly be an
      > option!
      > But I have my Doepfer and I'm really satisfied with
      > it.
      > Talking about something else, I hear you have the
      > Mono/poly. I lingered a while buy one, but since I
      > have the MS20 I thought, it would be pointless to
      > have a machine with almost the same options. I know
      > the Mono/poly has some great tricks on it's sleeve.
      > I never forget 1989, the second klem day (festival
      > in The Netherlands which brought live em from 1988.
      > Sadly, it doesn't exist anymore! But on that second
      > edition I sad on the front row and before me sat
      > Bernd behind his Monopoly, beside others. Further
      > behind impressive walls of modular (Roland 100m).
      > Bernd makes Schulze-esque cosmic electronic,
      > although I has style of his own. The came these
      > vast, thick deep synth soudns, layer upon layer. And
      > he than in trance played over it a slow evolving
      > solo on the Monopoly. Huge bass sound! It was so
      > impressive to see his face so upclose, totally
      > sunken in the music!
      > Now comes the odd thing and a question for you. I've
      > heard many people saying that the bass of a Monopoly
      > is Korg like thin. That's strange, cause the sound
      > as I said sounded huge!!!! Meaby he had driven
      > through layers of effects to get it like this, but I
      > don't believe that, cause it sound real pure, not
      > drowned in effect. Very upfront. What's your
      > oppinion Synthfreak on the power of the Monopoly and
      > what other things do you do with it?
      > By the way I don't have a A112. I think that module
      > is too fancy for me. I don't need the sample in it,
      > the wavetable osc could be interesting, but I
      > haven't planned in a future expansion.
      > Roel.
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