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Re: [Doepfer_a100] Re: what are we trying to accomplish here re: wavetable vco ?

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    well the reason i mentioned wavetable vco was basically as i wanted the features of the blacet wavetable vco in a doepfer unit but with the ability to load it
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      well the reason i mentioned wavetable vco was basically as i wanted the features of the blacet wavetable vco in a doepfer unit but with the ability to load it up with more waveforms or rom chips .I also liked the idea of a ' ppg ' vco with all the wavetables from the ppg (which have been used in the Monowave and Sound arts Chameleon Monowave 2.) .I considered the idea of being able to load up my own waveforms from a sidstation for instance and other more unusal stuff and i know the A112 goes a little way toward this but a Vco with a decent memory and ability to store lots of waveforms would be great for me and even running at 16 bit ! .The ability to modulate and step through tables and cross morph them or even play 2 tables or waveforms at once would be cool also or even a 4 way vector Vco ? .How about a wavestation type vco (not sure how that translates but i'm just trying to think outside the box a little , Surely there is loads of potential for more exotic modules
      like this or a decent sampling/user loadable wavetable vector module .I wonder what possible modules this idea is diverting attention from ? one i noticed crop up on a foprum a while back was a ' cellular automata ' module ? dont ask me what that is ! how about a granualizing module or granular synthesis module ? or granular vco or the above wavetable vco having the ability to ' ' scan ' the waveform or user samples like Travelizer in Reaktor.Just ideas.How about a shortwave radio module :) or a numerology generator which stores mathamatical number series like the Fibbonacci and other strange fractal 'number ' patterns and tranlates these to cv etc.Sorry if some of these ideas make no sense but thats ideas for you and where the heart comes in.

      selfoscillate <synaptic_music@...> wrote:

      hello dave,

      the answer to your question is yes and no :-)

      if doepfer will develop a wavetable module, then it
      will have new features unavailable on other modules.
      i'm pretty sure that there are lots of users who
      would want to buy such a new wavetable module.

      best wishes


      --- In Doepfer_a100@yahoogroups.com, davevosh@... wrote:
      > to all,
      > if i`ve understood the discussion on the list about this properly,
      > than for reason`s of having the module in doepfer / euro format
      rather than
      > frac-rac format and doepfer format (ie : a-110 vco and a
      blacet/wiard mini-wave),
      > i`m not sure i`ve seen that much advancement in the "state of the
      art" here
      > - i in no way mean to be critical of the question and honestly,
      i`m the
      > "maybe" vote to date - i just wonder if a module like this isn`t a
      diversion from
      > other thing`s perhap`s more interesting ?
      > additionally, while i don`t use computer`s with my modular so i
      don`t use
      > any of the doepfer a-112 sample dump / wave dump feature`s, i have
      found it
      > useful as a "spare / alternative" vco and just recently, in one of
      those great
      > momemnt`s of realization - to wit : i had wanted to sell the a-112
      a while
      > back and didn`t right off so i didn`t pursue it further. well, now
      having the
      > module in my mind, i started playing with it more and now am glad i
      > sell it. just load some weird bit of audio, anything from a
      waveform to a real
      > world noise and wave it - nice noise`s ! yeah, the 8 bit`s is a bit
      rough but
      > give`s the sound a certain "quality". in fact, unless the proposed
      module is
      > at least 16 bit, given what`s already to use right now, again, is
      it worth the
      > diversion of effort`s better spent elsewhere?
      > i`d love to hear any discussion about it !
      > best,
      > dave
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