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24217Re: [Doepfer_a100] is A-141 fast enough for percussion/clicky stuff?

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  • Peter Sedin
    Nov 8, 2012
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      thanks for your reply Zoe..
      I have a Cirklon sequencer i just bought the CVIO board to wich give med 8
      gates and 16cv outputs, 32 patterns. so i have the trigging sourted out as
      those gates can be anywhere from 2ms as shortest..
      I now also have looked at a-101-2 lowpassgate wich seems like yet another
      way to make short percussion stuff.. controlling decay is essential i think
      to make cool evolving percussion.. I also looking to buy a malekko wiard
      borg filter (also a lowpassgate)..
      peace out..

      2012/10/31 Zo� Blade <zoe@...>

      > **
      > >> looking for some god adsr for percussion (main thing for me right now).
      > Is A-141 fast enough for this?
      > > the A140 is pretty fast and should be ok for what you want.
      > > not cv-controlled though.
      > I'll second this. It's got a switch to toggle between slow, medium and
      > fast. It can get plenty fast enough even on the medium setting. :) With
      > just a white noise module (A-117 or A-118), the A-140, a multimode filter
      > and ideally a curveball such as the A-199 spring reverb (which can sound
      > very metallic with percussive white noise, like hitting a massive metal
      > drum, sort of), you can make a whole wealth of interesting percussive
      > sounds. Then you just need a MIDI to CV converter like the A-190-2 to
      > actually trigger the envelope generator and you're all set for percussion!
      > >> also looking at cwejman modules everybody says should be used for this
      > but these are expensive!
      > I haven't used any Cwejman modules, so can't really comment on those. I
      > hear they're very good, but my motto's to get several inexpensive and
      > versatile modules instead, so I can make a wider variety of sounds.
      > Doepfer's modules are ideal for this!
      > All the best,
      > Zo�.



      Peter H.K Sedin

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