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Visit by Noa Baum from Veronica Gard

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  • Veronica Gard
    Dear Pat, Thank you for this very interesting information. We ll be happy to publicize the event at our two meetings in August: Stories Galore on Sunday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2007
      Dear Pat,
      Thank you for this very interesting information. We'll be happy to publicize the event at our two meetings in August:
      Stories Galore on Sunday, August 19th at the Commander's House from 5pm - 7pm when Jane McDaniel is our "Stellar Teller" and then at our monthly Storyswop at "Justin's on Main" on Tuesday, August 21st from 6.30 - 8.30pm. I'll be in touch about picking up your brochures in good time.
      I'm sure our members will want to be at Noa's performances if they can possibly be there. It will be a delight to welcome a new storyteller to San Antonio!
      Please feel free to phone me if I can help further. I'll be forwarding this via our DoTell yahoo site so everyone in San Antonio and the surrounding area who subscribes will know in advance what's going on.
      With very best wishes,
      Veronica Gard
      Veronica Gard
      Shazam - Storytelling for All
      "The Fireside Tellers" with Jane McDaniel
      210-499-4118;  cell: 210-643-0157

      Pat Konstam <pat.konstam@...>
      To Veronica Gard, president, San Antonio Storytellers Association
      From Pat Konstam, arrangements committee for Noa Baum visit

      Noa Baum, an award-winning storyteller from Maryland and a member of the
      National Storytellers Network, will give two free, public performances in San Antonio on Sept. 10-11, 2007. I'm helping publicize her visit and I'm wondering if the San Antonio Storytellers Association would announce her
      shows through your newsletter or email network and/or distribute flyers at your August 21 meeting. We would love to invite your members to hear her.

      An Israeli-American who was born in Jerusalem, Baum does a one-woman show called "A Land Twice Promised" based on her dialogues with a Palestinian
      woman, retelling their stories of Jerusalem and those of their mothers. She will perform that show at Trinity University's Chapman Auditorium at 7:30
      p.m. Monday, Sept. 10.

      At 12 noon on Tuesday, Sept. 11, she will do a storytelling performance called "Building Bridges through Stories of Peace and Justice" at On Stage
      at Madison Square at Madison Square Presbyterian Church, 319 Camden Street downtown.

      I am attaching a one-page bio called "About Noa." There Baum says her storytelling "is a source of great joy and healing. It is the beating heart connecting all aspects of (my) work as a performance artist, educator and
      facilitator of workshops for communication, healing and change." She also has a web page, www.noabaum.com.

      Sponsors of her visit to San Antonio include the Trinity University Lecturers and Visiting Scholars Committee; Trinity Departments of Speech and Drama, Religion, English, History and Political Science; Rabbi Barry H. D.
      Block's Discretionary Fund of Temple Beth-El; the Roley Lecture Series at Madison Square Presbyterian Church; Friends Meeting of San Antonio; and Incarnate Word Sisters Justice and Peace Committee.

      If you would like more information or would like flyers to distribute at your August meeting, please reply to this email or call me at (210)656-0355.

      Thank you for considering this.

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