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RE: [Distillers] Turbo yeast

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  • Pete Sayers
    Hi Dick, Pete here from NZ. I have been using the turbo 8 and its cousins for several years now and yes you problems are only minor. Firstly, the cloudiness
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      Hi Dick, Pete here from NZ. I have been using the turbo 8 and its cousins
      for several years now and yes you problems are only minor. Firstly, the
      cloudiness will settle out given enough time, the simplest way to clear the
      wash is to decant( rack) it off into a suitable sized container, and leave
      it to get cold. It may take a few days, depending on the ambient temp, but
      it will clear quite well. It never seems to clear completely, however this
      is not as critical, as most of the cloudiness will dissappear during
      distilation, and carbon filtering. Secondly, the most common mistake people
      make when using the turbo 8, is to add the yeast/nutrients when the temp of
      the sugar/ water solution is too high. Because the turbo 8 is so active it
      tends to add anything upto 5-8C degrees of it's own temp. So if you always
      remember to add the yeast when the temp is only about 20-22C.What happens is
      the temp rises to over 28-30C and the yeast races, gets "tired" and sinks to
      the bottom believeing it's job is done, leaving less yeast to complete the
      job, consequently fermentation will take much longer.Lastly most of the time
      a turbo will ferment down to 985-990 quite readily. Keep at it Dick.
      regards Pete at Brewers Barn

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      Subject: [Distillers] Turbo yeast

      Hi to the group,
      I'm currently trying out the Alcotec 8 turbo yeast (supplied by
      Ray@Moonshine Supplies) for the 1st time to ferment 2 x 25l of wash but
      have hit a couple of (I hope) minor problems:

      1) Following instructions the 1st batch fermented down from a starting
      of 1130 to 992 in about 5 days but seemed very reluctant to clear. I
      decanted into 1 gal demi-johns and after some experimentation got most of
      them to clear to crystal clarity using bentonite (montmorillonite clay) but
      couple have remained hazy despite the bentonite clearing down a lot of
      rubbish & dead yeast.

      Q. As I intend to strip the wash in a pot still configuration and then
      reflux am I
      worrying unnecessarily about the remaining light haze ?

      2) The 2nd 25l batch was again made up following instructions but has
      seemed far more slower a fermentation. It has taken over 10 days to ferment
      down from 1130 to 1020 and has now virtually stopped. (Due to vagaries of
      the Scottish summer - don't believe everything you saw during the recent
      Open Golf - I've been using heating pads to keep both fermenting washes
      @ 23°C.)

      Q. How far down do turbo yeasts usually ferment ? Has my fermentation
      stuck and/or run out of nutrient ? If it was beer or wine I would kick it
      into action by adding some more nutrient & a strongly fermenting yeast
      solution but turbo yeast is already a strong, alcohol tolerant yeast.

      Anyone any suggestions or experience of similar problems ?
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