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RE: [Distillers] Re: Oak essence extraction

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  • Robert N
    Hi Harley, couple of questions on that. Those 3 gallons you had soaking on oak for a couple of months, was the oak charred in any way or raw oak shavings. Did
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 28, 2003
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      Hi Harley, couple of questions on that. Those 3 gallons you had soaking
      on oak for a couple of months, was the oak charred in any way or raw oak
      shavings. Did the soaking impart any colour into the oak, before you
      filtered it, and if it did impart a colour, what did you use to filter
      the spirit to make it come out crystal clear?

      I've always thought it was the tannin in the oak that imparted colour,
      along with the charring of the timber.

      Yours in Spirit


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      This method may be OK if you dont carbon-filter the distillate....this
      take out the color...not sure what it does to the other characteristics
      the Oak-soaked spirit....I had appx 3 gals of 40% soaking on Oak for
      appx 2
      months...when I filtered it...it came out crystal clear...tastes
      great...didnt taste it b4 filtering so not sure what difference other
      color it made...:>)

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      >Subject: [Distillers] Re: Oak essence extraction
      >Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 17:47:03 -0000
      >I like this idea, the only drawback here is that I'll have to buy
      >the oak chips. Nevertheless I'll give it a try shortly with the
      >dosage normally used for 40-50 liters of distillate. This portion is
      >only like US$3 so not major. I'll put it on top of the scrubbers
      >in the upper section of the column.
      >If you have any last minute advisory, pls let me know.
      >--- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Hector A. Landaeta C."
      ><coloniera@c...> wrote:
      > > Hola a todos!
      > > I can't remember if it was this one or New Distillers that I was
      > > too. Anyway, last time I posted I was asking if someone new of
      >an "instant
      > > gratification" method of obtaining oak flavors. No one new of any
      > > method other than the old "chips on the ethanol and wait a while"
      > > The other day talking with this friends of mine (quite an
      > > couple, by the way; he's both a biologist and a chemist and she's
      > > micologist -microbiologist specialized in yeasts-) they told me
      >that the
      > > method that I was looking for is ages old and it's used in
      > > everyday for extracting essences from dry or semi-dried vegetable
      > > It involves an apparatus called "soxhell" (or something like
      >that. I REALLY
      > > can't remember) and when I asked how does it look like they took
      >me to their
      > > home lab (incredibly stocked! they even have a gas
      >chromatogapher) and
      > > showed me something that looked just like a glass distiller. It
      >so recalled
      > > me a distilling column that I began to think that maybe there's a
      >way to
      > > extract more than just ethanol out of your nixon-stone still. I
      >don't know
      > > if I'm discovering warm water or if this is a clear breakthrough
      >on this
      > > particular thread, but I figure that maybe you can replace the
      >packing on
      > > your normal column with loosely packed oak chips (for instance)
      >and your
      > > usual wash with a, say, 40% neutral spirit. At a full
      >recirculation cycle
      > > during a period yet to be established you should (if theory
      >doesn't fail me)
      > > obtain both a higher grade of alcohol highly "enriched" with oak
      > > I'm planning on beginning pilot scale (50 liter batch of not so
      >neutral malt
      > > alcohol) testing next week, but wanted to comment with you guys
      >and see how
      > > it strikes you.
      > > Saludos a todos.
      > > --
      > > Héctor Landaeta
      > > Head Brewer
      > > Cervecería La Coloniera, C.A.
      > > Colonia Tovar - Venezuela.

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