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Re: Tempature Coversion for Hydrometer

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  • peter_vcb <viciousblackout@yahoo.com>
    the temperature effects on the hydrometer only really become significant/noticeable when measuring high strength spirits in the 90 s. this is because you will
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 25, 2003
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      the temperature effects on the hydrometer only really become
      significant/noticeable when measuring high strength spirits in the
      90's. this is because you will notice the scale becomes very "drawn
      out" at higher strengths. some store bought vodkas will give false
      readings since they have sugar and/or glycerine added which changes
      the density of the vodka. i have read some companies add stuff solely
      for the reason that it wont give accurate measurements with a
      hydrometer due to some legal issues on the definitions of vodka in
      various countries. lowering the temp increases the density so the
      hydrometer will float higher giving the impression that your alcohol
      is weaker than it really is. warmer temps give a higher % reading, as
      mentioned on Tonys site this is why many people report great results
      with small columns, they are measureing the spirits while still warm
      and reporting getting 96%. i had a bottle of vodka in the freezer
      overnight and its volume decreased very noticeable due to a long
      neck. i was sure somebody had been drinking it but when it warmed up
      its volume increased. so be careful not to fill bottles to the brim
      with cold vodka or they may explode when they warm up again!

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, tipringwaterpipe <ed_bathie@y...>
      > When I got my alcometer the 1st thing I did was drop it into a
      bottle of store bought vodka, at my room temperature. It said "It was
      40% ABV." Well it didn't actually say that, I got the cheaper model
      that you had to look at. It was funny 'cause that was what was
      printed on the bottle.
      > cheers
      > Tipringwaterpipe
      > Mark M <markgofast@h...> wrote: I've seen TWO different % vs. temp
      charts. One is for alcohol sticks
      > (that's what my neighbor calls them) calibrated for 20C. The other
      chart is
      > for sticks calibrated at 16C. Read the paper inside your
      hydrometer, and
      > make sure you use the right chart.
      > >From: "Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)" <Tony.Ackland@c...>
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      > >Subject: RE: [Distillers] Tempature Coversion for Hydrometer
      > >Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 19:14:54 +1300
      > >
      > > >Does any one have a tempature conversion formula or chart to
      > >what the actual % is at verious temperatures?
      > >
      > >See http://homedistiller.org/dilute.htm
      > >
      > >Tony
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