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Re: [Distillers] Re: Two Experiments - one failed, one ?

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  • BillyWeeble@cs.com
    In a message dated 1/29/03 3:40:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, viciousblackout@yahoo.com writes:
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      In a message dated 1/29/03 3:40:00 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      viciousblackout@... writes:

      << did you add baking soda to the wash or to a distilled wash?
      from what Mike McCaw says baking soda in a distilled wash should give
      off no ammonia (which causes the blue distillate). >>

      Hey VB, I'm pulling off 94% on the first run but it still has "flavor".
      I'll save up a couple gallons of first run then add filtered water to it and
      run it again. This was a secondary run to eliminate any "flavor" and see if a
      few tablespoons of baking soda might "sweeten it up" a little. Since I wasn't
      dealing with nutrients it made sense to try it. The blue started coming over
      towards the end of the run before the tails showed. That didn't make sense.
      So I put it all in a couple jugs, added citric acid and went to run it this
      evening. That's a story in itself (see next post).
      For anyone to use baking soda I have this to say - it just isn't worth
      the potential for a waste of time. Is what you seek in gain more than what
      can (and eventually will) be lost? All may not lost when it goes gunny sack
      on you. I've heard you need to lower the ph and run it again. I haven't had a
      chance to do that yet. You will have to clean the scrubbers (if copper) and
      all of the column also. Those who use SS scrubbers may not even know what's
      happening and will consume distillate with alot of copper from the lyne arm
      on down in it. The only reason I post this info is because of some dumbass
      moral imperative. It would save me alot of time if I didn't have a conscience.
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