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Re: [Distillers] Internal Reflux Still: Modification questions

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      << Should i ... just bite the bullet and pay the extra $ for the 2" copper. >>

      howdy, I built the 2" internal reflux (with the pass thru pipes) and
      have had no problems with it since modifications were added. I used 1 1/2"
      after the turn at the head and 3/4" inside the water jacket condenser. There
      is some disagreement as to the efficiency of this design, but I get 94% about
      every time (unless I hurry it) and would get a higher % if the column was
      longer. I think 3 1/2 feet would work better than my just under 3 feet. I
      took a picture of the modification in progress and have it attached to this
      note. The insulation is now replaced and the lyne arm is pointing the correct
      way. The valves are what's made this still much more effective and easy to
      run. When the head temp rises to 80C I shut it down since all the ethanol has
      left the boiler.
      I do want to build the valved reflux someday to experience the difference
      between the two. I hear it's a better machine.
      Another thing is to recirculate your coolant. It's a real joy to have
      lots of water running thru the condenser and not worry about the water bill
      or the well running dry.
      And don't forget to use Silver Solder. Good luck!
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