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Re: [Distillers] High Gravity Sugar Fermentation & B vits

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  • BillyWeeble@cs.com
    In a message dated 11/1/02 12:11:07 PM Pacific Standard Time, smudge@bigpond.net.au writes:
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      smudge@... writes:

      << Marmite – Source of B group vitamins. If you don't know what it is
      already, then you probably live in North America and won't be able to
      buy it anyway. Often used in mead recipes. Fermentation sticks when
      not included. >>

      For those who want a cheap and easy B-complex addition to their wash,
      find a pill crusher (the only one I could find screws down on the pill
      turning it instantly to powder) and use your basic human B-complex vits. I
      add .125 of a teaspoon (what, a large match head?) to a 20L wash. Probably
      too much but the flavor doesn't carry over. Do not use vits with added iron.
      I understand that iron will hinder, harm or kill the yeast. The vitamin
      powder doesn't mix well in cold water so I add mine to the hot (boiling)
      water when dissolving the sugar. The wash takes on the same color as when
      after taking a couple while drinking coffee. No, I won't go into that
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