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the train wreck i call a first run

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  • mllizard72
    this may be a little long.... once apon a time there was a little drinker called lizard yeah yeah i know you all get the story with the completeion of his
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
      this may be a little long....
      once apon a time there was a little drinker called lizard
      yeah yeah i know you all get the story

      with the completeion of his first still (pics located under lizard
      still) almost at hand he began his first sugar mash. our little
      lizard not being one to ask ?'s first killed it using concentrate
      with preservatives. the still now completed our little lizard had his
      second sugar mash going. all seemed to be going well......except he
      did not own a hydrometer..but not to worry he had read that it should
      only take his mash about two weeks. two week mark came and he had
      purchased a hydrometer ( for wine ). of course he still does not
      have one for spirits. in his infinite wisdom he figures he can
      taste smell and watch to calibrate his end product. well he pops the
      top on his wonderfull fermentor and oh my it kinda smells like
      beer. well we will just measure the alcohol content hmm 13%. only i
      percent under where it ought to be. big smile on our little lizards
      face. he drains the mash leaving the yeast of course well okay a
      good bit of it some still made it through. but not to worry our
      lizard lets it settle for a day in the cool garage. he still wonders
      if his sugar mash should be pale yellow. but not being one for ?'s
      he pours the rest into the boiler. leaving some more yeast behind.
      wow little lizard is seeing grand productions spirits that the
      world will be knocking on his door for just a little sip. he puts the
      juice to the boiler. and 1.5 hours later the still seems to be doing
      what is was designed to do make pure heaven. our little lizard
      beeming with anticipation can hardly stand to let it sit in total
      reflux for another hour but he pulls that feat off. sweat beading up
      on his foreheadhe cracks the outtake .... and ...... white liquid.
      little taste on the finger yuck just as planned heads. well not
      to be greedy he collects the first 200 ml and pitches them (that much
      just to make sure the still is clean). oh but first he lights them
      looking for that pretty blue flame that tells him of realy pure
      alcohol. it burns magnificant blue. our little lizard is amazed.
      it alive he shouts. well the thermometer seems to be running a little
      higher than it should but it seems to be holding steady must be an
      idiosyncrazy with the still. you know they are all a little
      diffrent he justifies to his pea brain. well he collects another
      200 ml that have a not so great taste before he gets to that pure
      tasteless, odorless nectar of the gods. collects about another 500 ml
      that he thinks are tastless odorless well pretty close he has been
      smelling and tasting this stuff for a few hours so it could possibly
      be turpintine. not really paying attention to the thermometer he
      does not notice at this point it rising a little bit and leveling
      out. he then notices the thermometer and is a bit curious why it is
      starting to climb. he changes containers and notices that it is
      starting to smell a little wierd again. he knows that this is
      wrong he has calculated everythig to produce 3 litres of perfection
      why is this happening he wonders. or little lizard not to be defeated
      draws of spirits to the bitter end. he gets about another 400 ml of
      tail. well he justifies to himself at least i got 500 ml of
      drinkable stuff. he just cant wait to smple it so he cuts it w/ 500
      ml of distillied water.. oh my gosh what happened it got cloudy
      and it smells a little funny. well it tastes kinda like rubbing
      alcohol. well we will just put this liter in the freezer. canwe
      guess what happens next? the next morning there is ice in our
      lizards spirit. hmmmm. not to be defeated he check some things
      does some research and .... drumrole please. my hydrometer
      measures potential alcohol i measured my mash incorrectly. only had 5-
      6% alcohol. drew my spirit off to fast. did not clean my mash
      properly. and did not pay close enough attention to my thermometer.
      of course some of this was due to my assumption that i would be
      pulling off 3 liters. SO IF ANYONE WHO READS ABOUT THIS LIL TRAIN
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