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Re: Of ships and shoes and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings ......

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  • Ray Toms
    Mike This is a discussion list dedicated to promoting informed discussion on the topic of distilling. Sarcasm and abuse has no place on it I can t believe that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 1999
      This is a discussion list dedicated to promoting informed discussion on the
      topic of distilling. Sarcasm and abuse has no place on it I can't believe that
      you penned that email after we have had discussions both on this list and
      privately. I was responding to a question that asked what marbles actualy did
      and that is what they actualy do, the relative merits of other material is a
      completely different discussion. I will amplify the process, what marbles
      actualy do is slow the passage of the vapour in a reflux column alowing the
      vapour to cool and the water to condense out and fall back into the pot, and no
      amount of sarcasm is going to change that. I am happy to concede that there may
      be other materials that do the job better.

      Mike wrote:

      > Nice one Ray. Most amusing. Good to see that we're getting
      > a bit of humour into this List. So marbles slow down the passage
      > of the vapour and water selectively condenses out and falls back
      > into the pot whilst pure ethanol continues on its merry way.
      > At last, we can dispense with fractionating columns, reflux,
      > and all that bothersome stuff. Pure ethanol at a stroke!
      > No doubt it is all helped along by the fact established by Aristotle
      > (and therefore not to be questioned) that heavy objects fall faster
      > than light ones, so water which is heavier than ethanol gets a little
      > more assistance.
      > I apologise if this seems a bit like a flame Ray, but it just doesn't
      > work that way. Personally, I agree with Brian that marbles should
      > be given to the kids to play with and raschig rings made into necklaces.
      > Neither come anywhere near the surface area per volume that stainless
      > steel or brass scrubbers give. A simple bit of maths confirms his
      > comparative figures for the surface area per volume ratios. In
      > consequence, 'we in New Zealand' do not all use marbles as spheres
      > are the most inefficient shape you can have for a packing material
      > (simple maths again). If anyone out there wants to know how distillation
      > really works (and I'll even throw in a bit about gravity if you like), they
      > can contact me direct at mike@... and I will be happy to
      > send them a pdf file of an article I've just written about how distillation
      > really works. Does this article contain accurate information? Feel free
      > to confirm it with any chemist, physicist, technical college, university,
      > oil company, pharmaceuticals company, etc etc you like. Or just check
      > out any good text book from your local library.
      > Mike

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