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Italian Bitters

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  • waljaco
    In msg 3132, the recipe for a simple Amaro alle erbe or Bitters was incomplete. It came from Liquori Casalinghi -
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
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      In msg 3132, the recipe for a simple 'Amaro alle erbe' or Bitters was
      incomplete. It came from 'Liquori Casalinghi' -
      The original Italian source for the recipe is -
      also at -
      Here is the complete recipe in English:

      Amaro alle erbe (Italian bitters)
      300ml alcohol 95%bv
      650ml white vermouth
      150g sugar
      14 juniper berries
      11 rosemary leaves
      6 melissa (lemon balm) leaves
      5 sage leaves
      5 cloves
      2 Blessed thistle (aka St Benedict thistle - Cnicus benedictus)
      2 mint leaves
      1 centaury flower
      piece of sweet flag root
      piece of gentian root
      piece of Carline thistle root
      pinch of cinnamon
      Macerate botanicals in alcohol for 1 week. Filter. Pour alcohol in a
      bottle. Macerate the used botanicals in vermouth with the sugar for
      an additional week. Filter. Add flavored vermouth to flavored
      alcohol. Stand for 1 day. Bottle and age before use.

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