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  • darryn
    ... From: darryn To: Ross Brown Date: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 7:21 PM Subject: Re: [Distillers] ... will ...
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      From: darryn <darryn@...>
      To: Ross Brown <rossbrown@...>
      Date: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 7:21 PM
      Subject: Re: [Distillers]

      >Hi Ross
      >I started distilling with a Spirits Unlimited reflux still.
      >It worked well.(70-85%) Then I built the STILLMAKER still.This
      >still gives a steady 93-94%.I must thank STILLMAKER for sharing
      >his design with me,because it takes a lot of time and guts to do this
      >and you leave yourself open to all types of scrutiny.This still is easy
      >and cheap to build.I'm no master tradesman and it only took me 1 day to
      >build the head.Since then I have done some research ,and
      >I think that I will try some mods on this design.I'm not sure that they
      >make the still
      >any better but it can't hurt to try.
      >Mod 1:remove cooling pipe that goes through the column near the bottom.
      >Mod 2:put another cooling pipe through the column just above the other one.
      >Mod 3:if that doesn't give me enough cooling I'll try wrapping the top of
      >the column
      > with 1/4 inch copper tubing as well.
      >Mod 4:insulate the column up to the cooling pipes to stop turbulance,and
      >insulate the boiler to save energy.
      >The book that you asked about is called "THE DISTILLATION OF ALCOHOL"
      >written by John Stone and Michael Nixon.I downloaded my copy off their
      >The previous version was called "MAKING GIN & VODKA" I can't find the site
      >right now but you can contact Michael at icarus@... and I'm sure
      >that he will point you in the right direction.
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      >From: Ross Brown <rossbrown@...>
      >To: darryn <darryn@...>
      >Date: Friday, May 05, 2000 10:26 AM
      >Subject: Re: [Distillers]
      >>G'day Darryn,
      >>I'm from Queensland and only new to distilling and the list, in fact I
      >>be distilling my first run in two hours. I have a Stillspirits unit but
      >>to build my own. I have downloaded the STILLMAKER plans and would
      >>any comments on building it. Also Mike and Johns book what is it, and
      >>do you buy it.
      >>Hi Giles
      >>I'm from Australia too.I've built the STILLMAKER still,and a few others
      >>differing results.I manage to get 94% out of my STILLMAKER still which
      >>me pretty happy,but I still think that there is room for improvement.I too
      >>think that the cooling pipes that run through the column muck up the
      >>refluxing conditions.I purchased the book by Mike and John and I agree
      >>it goes into great depth.I am keen to build their design but I'm a little
      >>off by the time that it takes to equilibriate the column,bleed off the
      >>acetone and methanol and then the time taken to distil all the
      >>you please let me know what changes you made to your STILLMAKER and your
      >>experiences with Mike and Johns still design.Once again,it's great to see
      >>Aussies talking on this newsgroup.
      >>Thanks in advance.
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