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Re: [Distillers] Is black iron 2"x6" dia. flange safe connection?

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  • B Morey
    From: bokakob ... regular ... completed ... copper ... leave as ... any ... spot. My ... hand who ... Yes -- iron is used for cooking. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2002
      From: "bokakob" <bokakob@...>

      > Not having any alternative option for now, I purchased a
      > black iron 2" thread x 6" diameter flange to connect my
      > reflux tower to the top of inverted mixing bowl. There is
      > approximately of 3/4" raw thread still not covered by the
      > coupling fitted inside the flange. I wonder if it is safe to
      leave as
      > is or should I cover it with silicone caulking. It appears that
      > condensate dripping back in the pot should lick this small
      spot. My
      > thought would be to smear some silicone on it. On the other
      hand who
      > needs it if is safe? What the population of this group think?

      Yes -- iron is used for cooking. I had a cast iron frypan for
      years. The traditional Aussie barbeque plate is an iron (well,
      steel) plough disk. Cheap iron pots and pans fron India and
      China readily available in camping store and chinese markets.
      Don't bother the silicone.

      Bernard Morey
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