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  • cornfed62
    http://wingedmammal.com/bat_stuff/bat_stuff.shtml this url says: This is the Bacardi Bat, the logo that graces every bottle of world- famous Bacardi rum.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2002
      http://wingedmammal.com/bat_stuff/bat_stuff.shtml this url says:

      "This is the Bacardi Bat, the logo that graces every bottle of world-
      famous Bacardi rum. Legend has it that the wife of the company's
      founder suggested that each bottle be labeled with a recognizable bat
      logo, since many of their 19th century Cuban customers were
      illiterate, but they could easily identify "el ron de murcielagos",
      the rum of the bats, if they saw a bat on the bottle. Since the
      original distillery had a colony of fruit bats living in the rafters
      and bats were a symbol of watchfulness and family harmony to the
      Spaniards, Bacardi chose the Bacardi Bat for its symbol and it has
      remained so to this day."

      http://www.myfw.com/sponsors/bacardibatdevice.htm says basically the
      same thing

      It looks cool and modern - but Bacardi®'s enigmatic logo has a
      fascinating lineage. The history of the Bat Device reveals the
      complicated, rich and exciting history behind the world's most famous

      The scene is 19th century Cuba: Original Bacardi® patriarch Don
      Facundo and his wife Doña Amalia Lucía Victoria Moreau are busy
      establishing the Bacardi® empire. As she surveys her property, Amalia
      notices a colony of fruit bats living in the rafters of the

      Her thoughts immediately turn to the superstitious local belief in
      the bats - that they were thought to bring good health, fortune and
      family unity. Pleased with this good omen, pragmatic Amalia also
      realises that she will be able to brand her fledgling company's
      bottles with this potent symbol, ensuring that the largely illiterate
      population will be able to distinguish fine Bacardi® rums by the mark
      of this memorable logo. According to family lore, Amalia first
      designed and applied the Bat Device to Bacardi® products in 1862.

      As the popularity and prestige of the Bacardi® rums spread across
      Cuba, and eventually the world, the Bat Device continued to appear on
      every label of every product carrying the Bacardi® family name. The
      high quality of Don Facundo's rums drove this expansion, but the
      mythology and allure of the Bat always accompanied his smooth rums.

      and yet another explanation http://www.didj.lu/drinks/drink01.htm
      In 1862, Don Bacardi invented white Rum in Santiago de Cuba. Don
      Bacardi had been born in Valencia, Spain. Why the bat, Bacardi's
      symbol? The bat was the logo of the city of Valencia and of John the
      First of Aragon. Before a battle with the Maures that he would go on
      to win, John had seen a bat sit on his warhelmet.
      http://www.chuckiii.com/Reports/Music/Bacardi.shtml and yet another
      explanation that is alot like the others
      -----snip -----
      The Story of Bacardi Don Facundo Bacardi Masso was born in Sitges,
      Spain in October of 1814. Fifteen years later he and his family moved
      to Cuba to live in the port city of Santiago. This wine merchant had
      a thing for rum; most people thought rum could only be for pirates
      because of its strong taste. He experimented a lot with the process
      of making rum from the raw materials and fermentation to the
      distillation. He then added the most important step, mellowing the
      rum through charcoal filtration to remove impurities. This amazing
      discovery led to the product he was looking for. He wanted a place
      where he could produce his rum for more than just his friends. So he
      purchased a small distillery. When he walked through his first
      factory he discovered that a large number of bats were living in the
      rafters. To the Cuban people bats are a sign of good fortune
      therefore he allowed them to stay and the bat became the logo for
      Bacardi rum, which is still used today. The bat logo meant a lot to
      Don Facundo's wife, Doria Amalia. She knew that the bat meant good
      health, good fortune, and family unity. She also believed that since
      there was a very high rate of illiteracy in the 19th century, a
      product needed a memorable logo or a trademark for the people to
      recognize. After this the news of the wonderful new rum spread
      through out Cuba. Locals believed that the bat did indeed bring good
      fortune to Bacardi. In the present day the Bacardi bat is seen in
      more than 170 countries around the world and was recognized as one of
      the world's top ten international brand names. Besides the bat,
      another symbol is seen on every bottle of Bacardi. This emblem is the
      Spanish coat of arms. This honor was given to Don Facundo by Queen
      Maria Cristina, after his alcohol was awarded a Gold medal at the
      Barcelona Exposition. Four years later, court physicians used Bacardi
      to cure the Queens son, Alfonso XIII of the grippe. The royal
      physician later wrote to the Bacardi family and thanked them for "…
      making a product that had saved the life of his Majesty".

      http://www.marwell.org.uk/n2001-12-28b.htm this url says:

      ----- snip ----
      Bacardi-Martini has a fruit bat as its Bacardi rum logo. Bacardi-
      Martini is a family-owned company. Its history stretches back to Don
      Facundo Bacardi who emigrated to Cuba in 1839 and began producing rum
      in 1862. The company has grown enormously and has become a worldwide
      concern in 170 countries. The fruit bat logo is because fruit bats
      were found to be living in the rafters of the original tin-roofed
      distillery in Santiago de Cuba back in 1862.

      A few other sites say similar things. Superstition and good luck
      symbols more than nitrogen rich guano.

      --- In Distillers@y..., <strounge@b...> wrote:
      > Can anyone settle this argument -
      > A friend at work maintains that the Bat logo on Bacradi is derived
      > he fact that bat guano was used as an additive to fermenting
      molasses in
      > the production of rum. Now I suppose it's possible - guanidine is a
      > nitrgoen source, but is it true?Strounge
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