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Re: Boiler for ministills

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  • Rev. David M. Cunningham
    On Tue, 2 Jul 2002 19:46:57 +1200 Tony & Elle Ackland wrote: T From UPS474: T After closing the fridge door (drawing
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2002
      On Tue, 2 Jul 2002 19:46:57 +1200
      Tony & Elle Ackland <Tony.Ackland@...> wrote:

      T> From UPS474:
      T> After closing the fridge door (drawing another pint), I realized I needed to
      T> put another beer in the fridge. When I picked up the 5liter "gallon can"
      T> minikeg from the shelf and carried it to the kitchen- inspiration struck!
      T> I'm holding a 5 liter, food grade metal container with a small aperature on
      T> the top of it (that fits a #3 stopper perfectly)- it is designed to hold some
      T> pressure (carbonated beer) and is pretty cheap ($8US from homebrew shops when
      T> empty.

      So, by what names do these "gallon cans" go by? I've tried to do a
      search online for them, but I found a wide variety of things that may or
      may not be exactly what you are talking about. I'm interested in
      retiring my 4l stove-top pot still which only allows me to do 2 to 3 l
      at a time -- depending on what goes through it. I would like to use the
      4l solely for oil distillation and use the 5l "gallon can" as my small
      run gallon still for alcohol.

      Any direction as to where one in the states could purchase one or two
      would be greatly appreciated (online would be best). Thanks.

      Rev. David M. Cunningham
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