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Re: [Distillers] Neoprene/Still Reflux modification

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  • Lynne
    ... The list is minimal - a matter of nanometres, I figure - and the leak was just a few minute bubbles towards the end of the 45 min. run. It s also
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 26, 2002
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      Pete wrote:
      >Looks great Lynne, and as far as your leak at the top of the lid, why not
      >simply support the column beside a shelf/wall some where. That should take
      >the strain off the lid.Did you leave the "marble" in the tower?

      The 'list' is minimal - a matter of nanometres, I figure - and the leak was
      just a few minute bubbles towards the end of the 45 min. run. It's also
      possible it's been caused by the plumber having to grind a tiny piece of
      dripped silphos off the edge of the flange. Additionally, since cleaning
      is going to necessitate disconnecting/reconnecting the column and the lid
      on a more frequent basis than would be the case if I could just remove an
      extension, I'm a bit concerned that the serious spanner/socket wrench work
      involved in getting a tight seal is eventually going to wreck the threads
      on the connection. A gasket of some sort would give me a bit of
      leeway. Of course, I realise this could be just a wussy girl thing, and
      that there are no doubt plenty more connections to be purchased out there.
      As for the marble, I haven't done a proper run yet, but I take it from your
      comment and Dylan's post that I should leave it in? I'd probably have left
      it out.

      Tony wrote:
      >Great looking mod Lynne. Having kept the original diameter, I'd just
      >caution that you keep the scrubbers VERY teased out - I packed my first
      >one far too much and it was a real pain - the column kept blocking /
      >flooding. Its an OK diameter for the 1380W element when theres not much
      >in there, but block too much of it off with packing and you're in
      >trouble. To get the density of packing that I was after, I had to
      >increase it to a 1.5 inch diameter.

      I don't know what sort of scrubbers Dylan's buying to be able to fit 9 into
      his column, but the *one* I got is huge, especially when well teased
      out. It's s/s (no sightings of copper ones so far), branded Korbond, but
      looks the same as the generic No-Frills made-in-Indonesia ones Woolies sell
      - just comes in a fancier packet. I figure I'll be lucky to get half of it
      in without completely clogging up the column. I'll try the less approach

      This much fun should be illegal ;)

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