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Fwd: Oak & herbs - how much?

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  • waljaco
    Checked on the quantities for herbs and the figure below (50-100 g/l) needs modifying to 10-50 g/litre (40%abv). See:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2002
      Checked on the quantities for herbs and the figure below (50-100 g/l)
      needs modifying to 10-50 g/litre (40%abv).
      See: http://www.angelfire.com/ut/virtual/index.html
      The recommendation for flavored vodkas is about 20 g/litre (4 tsp/l).

      Gin is not usually made by one distiller - they get their spirit from
      many sources, I even saw an English gin made from molasses! The gin
      maker adds botanicals and redistills. The recommended botanicals for
      gin (from several sites) total about 35 g/litre. For a 20 l (5 US gal)
      wash of about 12%abv you could add 175 g of botanicals to flavor the
      expected 5 litres of 40%abv. The 35 g/l of botanicals would be
      equivalent to 15 drops of essential oils/litre (1 tsp = 5ml = 100
      The site recommends 200 g of juniper/litre 40%abv for a juniper
      brandy. The yield from juniper is 1.5%, so we would get about 3g of
      oil/litre or 1/2 tsp./litre. Compared to gin, this would be a strong
      juniper flavor!
      From another site, an 'obstgeist' for berries which do not have much
      sugar for fermenting is made by macerating 4 kg/l for 1 month and then
      An 'obstwasser' is an eau-de-vie or fruit brandy.


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      The recomendation based on info. from winemaking and homebrewing
      sites is 1-5 grams of oak chips or shavings/litre of liquid (alcohol
      or mash/must). An oak essence is available in the U.S. and the
      recommendation is 6-12 grams/litre. (1 oz =30 g, 20 l = 5 US gals).
      Ray Toms (http://moonshine.co.nz/may97.html) in a newsletter suggests
      3 tsp plain oak chips and 1 tsp toasted oak chips/litre of alcohol.

      Herbs & spices:
      The recommendation is 50-100 g/l of spirit.
      A 20 l wash of about 12%abv would produce about 5 litres of 50%abv.
      So we could add to this wash 250-500 g of herbs and spices to flavor
      our alcohol. For example, if we wanted to produce an aniseed flavored
      Raki, we can add 250-500 g of crushed aniseed to the wash. 500 g of
      crushed aniseed should give the equivalent of 1 tsp of aniseed
      essential oil / litre of alcohol at 50%bv. Another way is to soak in
      alcohol for 24 hours and redistill.

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