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RE: [Distillers] Digest Number 5067

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  • Tom Robins
    Doug, others: I was referring to the OUTSIDE of the copper pipe to keep it gleaming. You cannot use any of these cleaning or coating methods INSIDE the pipe.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2013
      Doug, others:
      I was referring to the OUTSIDE of the copper pipe to keep it gleaming.
      You cannot use any of these cleaning or coating methods INSIDE the pipe. The only acceptable cleaning inside would be the CITRIC ACID or backset or vinegar wash.
      COPPER PORN = outside shiny side of the pipes !!!


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      "doug.hood" doug.hood

      If you plan to use this copper in a working still I would not apply any of those coatings. One of the benefits of using copper is that it has the natural ability to remove help remove sulfites when exposed to the vapor path. If you coat that surface it loses that ability. I also would be concerned about that coating breaking down over time and becoming part of my product. That can't be good. Use a scrubby pad and clean with a solution of vinegar and water or critic acid and water.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogro ups.com, "jsutton_ co" <varocketry@ ...> wrote:
      > My research found:
      > Clear Protective Coatings for Copper and Copper Alloys, Publication TN41, 1991
      > http://www.corrosio nist.com/ pub-41-clear- protective- coatings- for-copper. pdf
      > Recommends a product called INCRALAC which is a product that provides a non-dulling formulated protective coating with the addition of benzotriazole as a corrosion inhibitor.
      > "The International Copper Association has funded the development of coatings specially formulated for use on copper and its alloys. This work has resulted in a number of recommendations but the only
      > coating available commercially as a direct result of this work is "Incralac" ;. "Incralac" ; is a solvent-based, air drying acrylic resin coating which can be applied by any of the methods commonly used for solvent-based coatings. It contains an addition of benzotriazole which acts as a most effective corrosion inhibitor ensuring that the underlying metal will not tarnish even where the film is damaged. It has a high clarity and is resistant to degradation by ultra-violet light."
      > Talasonline. com had the best prices I could find in 30 minutes of GOOGLING and a huge variety of related products, ie., cleaners, polish, rags, etc.
      > They carry INCRALAC in several forms (water based, solvent based, aerosol can,):
      > http://apps. webcreate. com/ecom/ catalog/product_ search.cfm? ClientID= 15&SearchType= Keyword&SearchFi eld=incralac&x= -410&y=-27

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