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Mash calculation spreadsheet

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  • Dick Grindley
    Sorry about that, something definitely went wrong with the attachment so I ll try it as a straight ZIP d file (PKZIP Ver2.0g). Thought a self extracting file
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 1999
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      Sorry about that, something definitely went wrong with the attachment so
      I'll try it as a straight ZIP'd file (PKZIP Ver2.0g). Thought a self
      extracting file would help as I know there are a few vintages of PKZIP
      around. What should arrive is a 26k UUEncoded file giving a 19.1k .zip

      [ Section: 1/1 File: Brewcalc.zip UUencoded by: Turnpike Integrated Version 4.02 S ]

      begin 644 Brewcalc.zip

      sum -r/size 29045/27009 section (from "begin" to "end")
      sum -r/size 29465/19580 entire input file

      Could someone in NZ enlighten me as to what the oak chips are that some
      of your malt whisky recipes call for. Are they simply bits of oak
      somewhere between sawdust & plane shavings in size (like say, oak chips
      used on BBQs) ?

      If anyone is experimenting with producing whisky from malted barley then
      it might be of interest that during the 2nd distillation of Ardbeg (@ 56
      p.p.m. peat smoke on the barley malt the most highly peated of all the
      Islay whiskys) the spirit is only taken between 72 & 60% ABV. The 72%
      point is usually taken as a point where the spirit is not coloured by
      adding distilled water - but the gaugers (Excisemen) insist on
      hydrometer back up. Feints are continued to be taken down to 0.1%ABV
      and, along with the foreshots, added back to the next distillation. Some
      distillers will cut at 62/63% ABV to get a lighter spirit.

      And finally from the days when every Scots family had their own still:

      The Names of the 5 drams between waking up & leaving the bedroom

      1. An sgaile nide - the dram on awakening
      2. An friochd uilinn - the dram while resting on the elbow
      3. An sgaile sheide - the dram taken before rising
      4. An deoch chas ruisgte - the dram taken before pulling on socks
      5. An deoch bhleth - the dram taken while grinding the teeth

      Just thought you might be interested ........ !!

      From topkiwi:
      I suspect this has not worked again. Maybe if you placed it on a webpage and members could download it themselves. My webpage would be available if you wish, or one of the free hosting services may help. Others may have better suggestions. We are intersted in your program. thank you for the effort.

      Young Des
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