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Re: [Distillers] Thumber Sizing

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  • RLB
    Tube depth depends on a number of factors like overall thumper depth.  You would never place both tubes at the same height.  What is your thumper made out of
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 29, 2012
      Tube depth depends on a number of factors like overall thumper depth.  You would never place both tubes at the same height.  What is your thumper made out of is an other factor.  A metal or glass thumper can handle temps better, so you can place the intake within 1" of the bottom and outlet 1" from the top.  A wood thumper will be affected by heat more than metal or glass, so you would want the intake at least 3" from the bottom.  Fill the thumper half way with clean water or collected heads and tails.  Play around with inlet depth. because the deeper the inlet is it should give a better flavor.


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      Does anybody have an idea of how far the internal heating elements should be placed from the bottom of the pot?  5",10" etc..... Do you put one at 5" and the other at 10"?  Or do you put them both at the same elevation?  What is best or common?  Thanks

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      The biggest issue I've run across with a thumper is simply that you are going to pick up the characteristics of whatever you put into it.

      That is to say, if you load it with heads or tails, then the product that comes out is going to tend to be loaded with heads or tails.  All those hard-won hearts will be effectively contaminated with inferior product.

      But then again, I've heard of fun things you can do with them too--for instance, 'infusing' a run with a differently flavored spirit.  I.e., if you load the thumper with a peach liquor, then the resulting product will absorba lot of those characteristics.

      In the end, I'd personally recommend building the column that you need to serve your purposes.  A basic reflux column can be as simple as a tall copper pipe with some filler material (copper scrubbies, marbles, you get the idea) that will actually do the job your hoping to accomplish.

      I'm happy with my (albeit infrequently used) still with a simple 3/4" copper column that rises for 24".  I do a simple stripping run, then one spirit run.  I get in the neighborhood of 75-82% on the hearts :).

      Hope that helps,

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      P.S  In all of my reading there was no distinction as to thumper size.  The smaller the thumper, the faster it would become super saturated, but it would produce Ethanol with more of a bite.


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      Subject: [Distillers] Thumber Sizing

      For a long time I've made double runs from the pot still. I'd like to build a thumper rig to cut down on time from running everything twice.

      I'm running a 15 gallon keg boiler. I've heard a lot about thumper sizing, how full to fill it and what to fill it with (mash, tail, etc)

      I'm not sure what I've read is good advice, and what is just BS.

      Any suggestions on starting up a thumper for a 15 gallon keg as far as size, fill volume, and what I'm filling it with?

      Thanks and shine safe!

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