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Re: History of distilling in Australasia

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  • harisaki2004
    Although I have not researched legal distilleries in Australia, one of my ancestors had an illicit still at Farm Cove , Sydney. Yes he was an Irish convict.
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      Although I have not researched legal distilleries in Australia, one of my ancestors had an illicit still at Farm Cove , Sydney. Yes he was an Irish convict.

      see below: noting the price
      The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 - 1842)
      Sunday 29 September 1805


      STILLS.—The activity of Government in repressing the illicit use of these baneful machines has happily succeeded in detecting a number of offenders engaged in the practice. In the course of Thursday a search for stills and implements used in the distillery of spirits was executed under the immediate direction of John Harris, Esq. to whose indefatigable personal exertions on the occasion the inhabitants are much indebted. The apprehended persons were lodged in gaol, and yesterday made their appearance before a
      The parties were accused on the testimony of the above Gentleman which having, in violation and in direct disobedience of a General Order issued the 28th of Feb. 1799 by His Excellency Governor HUNTER, and subsequently repeated and confirmed by His Excellency GOVERNOR KING, been concerned in the distillery of spiritous liquors, as should appear from the evidence to be adduced.
      H. Mahar, a constable, said that he went by order of John Harris Esq. to a house at Farm Cove belonging to M. Hayes, and on entering the premises found a still (of about
      40 gallons) at work, attended by Michael Wallis, whom he sent in a prisoner; that Mr. HARRIS came to the house, and upon examining found besides the still, which was near the door, 13 casks containing 1700 gallons of fermenting liquor, and 3 kegs with 45 gallons of singlings. Wallis candidly acknowledged his own criminality to the Magistrate, and declared himself a labourer employed by the owner of the premises, Hayes.
      Michael Byrne and Matthew Sutton were next charged with having in their possession implements for distilling spirits. The con- stables employed in the search stated, that in obedience to their instructions they proceeded to the houses of the prisoners, which were adjacent to each other, and found in Sutton's a keg of spirits, concealed within a trunk, and buried in his garden a 10 gallon sample of the same exact kind, all distilled in the colony. In Byrne's house they found a very large still, and on searching the garden, the head, worm, and every other necessary apparatus, together with a keg containing 8 gallons of the same kind of spirits found next door. A dealer on the Rocks also came forward; and proved the purchase of spirits from Byrne at 32s. per gal.
      I. W. Lancashire, Isaat Dose, and William Bedgood, charged with a like offence, were remanded for further examination, a principal being as yet out of custody.
      The examination being closed, the Bench concluded as follows; that Michael Hayes, Michael Byrne, and Matthew Sutton be admitted to bail, or in failure of their providing such, remain in prison until they can be sent to another settlement within the Limits of
      this Territory; Michael Wallis (he being a prisoner) to be punished with 300 lashes; but by reason of his candour earnestly recommended by the Bench to His EXCELLENCY'S Mercy.

      regards Hari.
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      > Thanks, I enjoyed reading that.
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      > > Not much information on colonial distilling in Australia. I have not seen
      > > any details of illicit stills,but I suspect that they would have followed
      > > British practice, although the materials for their manufacture would have
      > > been limited and improvisation must have occurred.
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      > > Here is one interesting read -
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      > > http://tinyurl.com/8hkcgjt
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