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The shape of the fermentor [was: Final SG after distillation]

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  • Rev. David M Cunningham
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 29, 2002
      << The shape of the fermentor (height vs width) can also have an effect.
      Other friends have also found the difference between using tall fermentors
      vs wider ones - both have the same volume & temperature etc, but ending up
      at different SG's >>

      In my experience, I have found that the shorter and wider that a
      fermentation tank is the more the sugars ferment out. I have been able to
      replicate this several times, and every time when ever I split a batch and
      put 2 parts into 2 short/wide fermentation tanks and 2 parts into 2
      tall/narrow fermentation tanks, the short wide tanks always ferment the
      sugars out better resulting in a lower FG (Final Gravity). So I recommend
      that if you can, measure the SG and try spitting a batch and see which tank
      ferments out the most sugar. You will, more than likely, find that the
      short/wide tank has a lower FG than the tall/narrow one.

      The theory behind why the short/wide tanks ferment out better has something
      to do with the yeast having more "contact" with the wash. In tall/narrow
      tanks the yeast will sink to the bottom and hope that you will come along
      and stir things up. Where as in a short/wide setup the yeast is not as far
      from the wash that still has high amounts of sugar left in it.

      Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep using the short/wide
      fermentation tanks due to space limitations. Therefore I'm stuck using the
      tall/narrow tanks. When I move and get more space, I will switch back to the
      short/wide fermentations tanks so that I can get the lower FG without as
      much work.

      Your Brother in Spirit,
      David M. Cunningham

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