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Mash Efficiency Calculations

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  • Dick Grindley
    Hi from Edinburgh, Well, here s my first contribution to the group. In response to Brian @hotnet.net.au recently asking about a method of calculating mash
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 1999
      Hi from Edinburgh,

      Well, here's my first contribution to the group. In response to
      Brian @... recently asking about a method of calculating mash
      extraction efficiency using metric quantities I tidied up the Excel
      spreadsheet I've been using to do this (& quite a bit more) & contacted
      him to see if it was of interest. Brian suggested that others in the
      newsgroup might also be interested - so it's attached to this e-mail,
      hope Des doesn't mind but I've not seen anything about not attaching
      things to e-mails for this ng.

      [ Section: 1/1 File: Brewcalc.exe UUencoded by: Turnpike Integrated Version 4.02 S ]

      begin 644 Brewcalc.exe

      sum -r/size 18345/48737 section (from "begin" to "end")
      sum -r/size 26464/35350 entire input file

      Beercalc.exe is a self extracting file that will produce an
      Excel 5 spread sheet beercalc.xls, there's a step-by-step guide in the
      Notes Worksheet. It's designed primarily as a full grain mash beer
      design tool & brewing record but I see no reason why it shouldn't be
      used for distillation - you just don't need to bother about the hops &
      there are a reasonable selection of sugars available. Hope others find
      it of use & I'll do my best to answer any further queries - but please
      don't ask me for an Imperial quantity version !!

      I'm a keen home brewer & whisky drinker but unfortunately,
      living under a hostile home distillation regime, producing my own
      spirits & distillers@onelist must remain of theoretical interest only
      ...... but there again Excise Duty is a nasty English tax & we do now
      have our own devolved Parliament ....... hmmmmm !!! No, better stick to
      home brewing & coppersmith'ing.

      All the best fra Auld Reekie
      Speak well o' pipers, remember yir faither wis a fiddler.

      From topkiwi:
      Sorry Dick, while I have no objections to you posting this
      type of info through the list, on this occassion it did not work.
      I have edited out a lot as you will notice. Maybe someone can
      suggest a means of doing this better. I for one would be interested
      in the program.
      I am very interested in other members comments on the matter, dont be shy.

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