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  • Harry
    ... I m not in Argentina. I am Australian. I found this on the net... http://www.calsa.com.ar/portals/12/Calsa_Argentina%20-%20Products_Catalog.pdf The
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "patagoniawhisky" <castandblast@...> wrote:
      > Hello folks. I'm new to the group and was hoping to get some direction. I am a gringo living in Argentina and am in the process of setting up a very small craft distillery. The still has been purchased but I am having some difficulty sourcing my yeast. Are there any Argentines on this forum that can help?!
      > Thanks,
      > Steve

      I'm not in Argentina. I am Australian. I found this on the 'net...

      The dried yeasts they supply are Australian import. You can use them to make Cacasa type spirits. You can also use the bulk malt syrup for fermenting. There's an address on the last page.

      Other than that, try to find an importer of White Labs yeasts or Lalvin (Lallemand) yeasts.

      regards Harry
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