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Re: [Distillers] Re: stainless to copper?

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  • Jan Ooms
    Hi Bob, I agree with all the advise below, just fill your column with proper copper mesh, don t waste your stainless 2 tower. Also make a carbon filter from
    Message 1 of 4 , May 16, 2011
       Hi Bob,
      I agree with all the advise below, just fill your column with proper copper mesh, don't waste your stainless 2" tower. Also make a carbon filter from 2" stainless, plans are on the internet  everywhere or just ask.
      Forget about Z filters, a lot of members love them, BUT they are still manufactured from plastic and not very good in a combination with alcohol over a long period of time. Make one from Stainless,
      at least you are sure that in 20 years time the surgeons are not having a ball with your cheque book. Safety first Mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Jan.  Qld.
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      From: Thursty2
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      Subject: [Distillers] Re: stainless to copper?
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      > Hi all (from an aussie down-under)
      > I'm currently using a stainless keg (boiler) with stainless column (packed with marbles) and a stainless filter system.
      > On suggestions from other distillers that the quality of spirit can be improved with copper components, I'm now looking at converting to a copper column (with 50% pure copper mesh packing & 50% marbles) and also a copper filter (based on the Z type filter). Has anyone made this change and noticed a difference? or can anyone advise further on the copper theme?
      > Cheers
      > Bob Mitchum
      Watched a lot of your movies Bob........... (just kidding ;^) ).

      Why not stay with the SS column and just ditch the marbles which have a very poor HETP, and go with copper scrubbers which have a very high HETP.

      Your logic in packing the column 50/50 with copper mesh and marbles may be somewhat misguided and can only reduce the purity %ABV.

      A reflux column - according to Nixon - Stone is at its best at around 1.1 to 1.2 metres long x 50mm (2" dia). If copper, then pack with SS scrubbers, if SS, then pack with copper mesh or scrubbers.

      There appears to be no good reason to discard an SS column if copper packing is used to emulate plates - those little wizards that purify product.

      Note: The old website WWW.Homedistillation.org, where bulk info is available for the hobbiest, has been removed, and the new one is not yet fully functional.

      Not being familiar with the Z filter, I cannot comment, however, product produced by a Nixon-Stone style offset reflux column
      rarely requires filtering. If it does, a simple activated carbon filled 2" tube (PVC, Glass, SS, Copper) will suffice. After cutting the product to be filtered down to at least 60%abv of course!

      Best of luck

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