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Re: Carbon Filtering questions.

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  • Thursty2
    Hi Timothy, dl (lower case d lower case l stands for 1 tenth of a litre, or if you prefer, 100ml (mili litres). In this case, case is everything! Cheers.
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 11, 2011
      Hi Timothy,

      dl (lower case d lower case l stands for 1 tenth of a litre, or if you prefer, 100ml (mili litres).

      In this case, case is everything!



      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Timothy" <timothyc.smith@...> wrote:
      > Try looking at the coversion charts availible online. I belive "dl" is deciiter. That is ten liters.
      > I have fooled around with a few activated carbon setups. I found that the tube filled with activated carbon from coconut hulls, at the size of 1-3mm particles, did work very good to get a clean flavor profile. What I did not like about the method described in the Gret Strand article was all of the time and water needed. Also, I learned the first time that it was a mistake to cut with water to the % I drink befor I filterd. The water in the carbon mixed in also, giving me a very weak drink. I decided to run it again thrugh my potstill. No filtration was needed after that.
      > Having water in the mix does help it filter better. The longer the carbon contacts the liquid the better.
      > The method I prefer now is to keep my carbon in a glass contaner with an airtight lid. I do not wash it after every use. Keeping my carboy half full of carbon, prewetted at the strength I like (50%) allows me to pour in 50/50 and know I wil get the same back out. I simply pour a diluted final disttillation in the carboy and let it sit for at least 24 hours. I like to give it a swirl every now and again to let the carbon make contact with all the liquid.
      > Two things you should know about this method are: A drain-valve near the bottom would be nice. I have no way to drain out the liquid with out turning my carboy over. Not only is it a cumbersome task, it also allows the fine carbon particles wich had settled to the bottom, to come out into my reciving vessel. Then I have to use my 3 foot long piece of 3'' stainless steel pipe (with a funnel welded to one side) to filter out the carbon. First I push a bit of cotton down the funnel with a wood rod untill I get the reduction I want. The reduction is for reducing the particle size allowed to pass through the cotton, trying to keep the flow rate as fast as possable. The first litter or so allways has a small amount of charcoal in it so I just pour it back in the filter again. The second thing about this method is obvious. After a few runs the activated carbon becomes less than 100% effective. But, even befor I was able to make nearly pure spirit with my still alone, I was able to recive the rewards of praise from my friends after several less than perfect runs all went through the same carbon filtration process, with out being washed every time. My five gallon carboy is half full of carbon. Now that I only put nearly pure 50/50 spirit in to it, the only time I wash the carbon is if it needs it. Five runs is easily as good as the first. The longer I let sit though, the better. Just as age always makes a spirit better.
      > When I do need to wash the cabon, I boil it in my still for the first wash. I get to keep the distillate for starting my barbicue and washing greasy car parts. Then it is rinsed and boiled and rinsed and bioled a third time. I then drain it well and slowly heat it in the same pan as befor stiring it a bunch to let the vappor off faster. It takes a long time. Once, I spread it out on a bed sheet then laid it in the sun. While it dried fairly quick, I was not happy to see what the wind had brought for me. I have thought about just puting a second sheet on top of it but have never dried it in the sun again.
      > --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "thewilly789" <789willy@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I have made a 4ft by 1.5" copper filter tube filled with activated
      > > carbon,just to try out filtering.Have a large 2 gallon stnls stl. pot
      > > connected to the top to make it hold a good volumn.i have a valve at the bottom to control rate of filtration.
      > >
      > > !st question ,i have read that they use around a 50% alcohol mix,
      > > can i use a higher mix like my 96% that i get from my pure alcohol
      > > run ,does this work or do i need to dilute it down ?
      > >
      > > Also i have no idea of the rate that is talked about in "Activated carbon for purification of alcohol" by Gert Strand file i found.
      > >
      > > Quote "Bed volume per hour (HSV) is usually around 0.25 (very, very slow) when purifying alcohol, while water is usually purified at 2-3 HSV. For a pipe holding 1.7 liters, the maximum purification occurs at 4 dl per hour if the pipe is approx. 40 mm wide and the carbon grain 0.4-1.4 mm in size."
      > >
      > > Could someone put this into terms i can understand like liter's per hour.No idea what dl stands for in the above quote
      > >
      > > Thank you.
      > >
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