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RE: [Distillers] Re: Questions from a newbie?

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  • juliet kent
    Yes I did aerate the wash but it is really good to know all that attention to detail really is important. Alot of it I do just by gut feeling and years of
    Message 1 of 24 , Jan 13, 2010
      Yes I did aerate the wash but it is really good to know all that attention to detail really is important.  Alot of it I do just by gut feeling and years of helping my parents with their wine making and a bit of brewing but plan to make 2010 a year of learning brewing in more depth.  I have been a voyeur of this site for quite a few years but have been missing a bit of basic knowledge in hindsight.  Thanks all for your feedback (most of it non judgemental) and very helpful.  Cheers, juliet  

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      Hi Juliet,
      I assume you are using the Alcotec Gold Turbo Super yeast which will ferment 6kg of sugar in 3 days for a 25 liter wash.  This is the advertized numbers and will produce a wash of 14.1%ABV.  The first thought that comes to mind is that since you added another 2kg over the recommended quantity this would produce an 18.8% ABV wash.  Just guessing here,  but that high a gravity wash may have caused way too much osmodic pressure on the yeast and killed them off.  18.8% is high even by S. Bayanus standards, and usually the  sugar is added in steps to reach this level.   This may explain why they start off fermenting fine and then stop.  I know for a fact that beer yeast only have a tolerance of 14% ABV and 18% is way over the limit.  Since turbo yeast has the nutrients in it, I dont believe thats a problem.
      Some other thoughs are did you aerate you wash and also the question of the pH as was mentioned before.  A properly aerated wash is necessary for yeast growth - read the posting I just made in New Distillers http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/new_ distillers/ message/37653
      pH is important since yeast grow best between a pH of 4 and 6.  To quote Dr. MB Raines:
      pH.  The last factor to affect yeast growth is pH (a measure of acidity).  Yeast grow well at acidic pHs.  They grow best between pH 4 to pH 6.  Normal wort is acidic with a pH near 5.2.  During growth and fermentation the pH drops to about 4.1-4.2 and in some cases even lower. 
      One last thought is check the expiration date if there is one on the yeast package.  What I would do now is to remove about 1/3 of the wash (8 liters or so) and add water to bring the SG back to 1.110 (25.8 brix) for a 14% ABV wash again.  Since its been sitting for so long, aerate with a pump and stone for 6 hours or so and re-pitch another pack of turbo yeast. 
      And next time Juliet, please follow the directions when using a new product or procedure... .. ;).
      Vino es Veritas,
      Jim aka Waldo.

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      > OK. I used more sugar than usual, 8 kg instead of 6kg, i used a different yeast called turbo gold super yeast compound. I have measured sg of water (1%), brew (now at 14), sg of initial mix (8/25) (13) and alcohol reading still below zero but I can taste a small level of alcohol but it still very sweet.
      > I threw in a second lot of yeast (small amount and it worked away like crazy) but still no improvement in alcohol content so Ahem I threw in a beer yeast because it was all I had and I am miles from town and thought it couldnt hurt and it worked away for another week but still no change. More nutrient required?

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