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Re: Dunder & it's later use in Rum's.

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Yes Mike, Adding some of the old back into the new (or visa versa) to continue the mother line is pretty much SOP in the rum industry. So I guess you could
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      Yes Mike,

      Adding some of the old back into the new (or visa versa) to continue the "mother line" is pretty much SOP in the rum industry.  So I guess you could say that their dunder line goes as far back as this process was followed (several caribbean distilleries are centuries old).

      However, this is assumming you are making a new batch every week or so.  In my case, I usually just make rum during the summer months so its tough to keep this up - why I just usually throw my old stuff away.

      Also, the second part of this "dunder" equation is a continuation of the yeast and trub line as well.  Dunder is also considered as the yeast rich trub left at the bottom of the fermentation to start the new fermentation with (same as in the sour mash world).  Matter o fact, if you do a search on dunder in either Yahoo or Google, thats what all the definitions state.   If you want to read more on dunder,  type in dunder in the search window of this site and go to the very beginning - back to 2003 and see what Harry had to say about it ;).

      Vino es Veritas,

      Jim aka Waldo.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "MoSS" <zedrally@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Jim,
      > Much clearer now and must read further. Thanks for the links
      > My dunder is in one mould, rather than the seperate colonies shown in the photo. I guess you answered my question about age, The way I understand it is that's it's very similar to a solera where by 50% of the past batch is used in the new one, part of the original is always present (although in every decreasing amounts after many years).
      > This intersts me and wonder who might have the oldest dunder,(I can date mine!) both commercial & hobby?
      > Now to start the next batch....
      > Mike

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