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  • Robert N
    Apologies for the tardy response, I m on holidays! And part of that is cleaning out the shed, boy is that a BIG job; but I digress. No the pictures pretty much
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 19, 2009

      Apologies for the tardy response, I’m on holidays! And part of that is cleaning out the shed, boy is that a BIG job; but I digress. No the pictures pretty much sum it up, I thought they were CM type stills, the tower’s were about 1 yard tall. The pictures do a pretty good job of missing the weld mesh cage that it’s in but the room corner is that small. As for importing the ethanol, yes he pretty much could be doing that and given the flavours that he sells, he could be just steeping the fruit in the ethanol. That could also be the reason for NOT wanting to taste test.

      Yours in Spirit


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      Hi Robert,

      I ran off my 3rd generation of UJSM last night (about 14 liters to start) and ended with a little over 1400ml of  good 1X hearts on my pot still. About 54% abv (temperature corrected) all mixed. At their price of $35.00 for 210ml I got $245.00 worth uncut . No wonder it tastes so good..... Were the 2 stills in the picture you saw in person just big Bokabob types with either a column mounted catch can or extra cooling? It does not seem to be hooked up right to be thumpers.

      Thanks for the link,



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      From: Robert N

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      Subject: [Distillers] MORPETH MOONSHINE DISTILLERY



      Another Micro Distillery in rural Au.

      Just came back from a Tour of the Hunter wine district in New South Wales Australia http://www.winecountry.com.au/. 136 Cellar doors of which we managed to visit 16 in 2 days, sampling the wares. We came home with plenty of contact details and 18 bottles of vino. We stayed at a Pub that had a Micro Brewery attached http://pottersbrewery.com.au/ and I managed to spend an hour “chewing the fat” over a few beers with the brewer. All up a very pleasant way to spend a few days.

       On the way there we made a slight detour to visit the Morpeth Moonshine Distillery http://www.morpethwinecellar.com.au/Morpeth%20Moonshine.htm. The distiller makes a small selection of cordials. The primary business is the bottle shop/wine sales and a pizza joint all rolled into an ancient (by Au standards) building. The township of Morpeth’s claim to fame is antiques. We tried to do some tasting/talking about the distilled product but the wife? Just wanted to sell wine and wouldn’t answer any questions nor supply samples of the distilled produce. The stills and equipment is what you see in the picture which we saw from behind a wire cage. SWMBO commented to me that we had a better setup at home. Whether we struck them at an odd moment or not, we were soon on our way out the door under whelmed by the service, never to return. L

      Yours in Spirit


      To Question is to Educate!

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