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Re: Too much whisky makes me thick . . .

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  • Harry
    ... sokay Mike. I screw it up all the time too. Especially when Yahoo! keeps fixin the damn procedure. What worked last week don t necessarily work this
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 13, 2009
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "mikejwoodnz" <eme@...> wrote:
      > yeah right mate - that's what I'm doing -->  [:D]  - still can't find
      > post a pic - example please (I'm thick)

      'sokay Mike.  I screw it up all the time too.  Especially when Yahoo! keeps "fixin'" the damn procedure.  What worked last week don't necessarily work this week.  Currently it's like this...

      The Photos link is at our groups webpage, on the  left of screen.   Create a folder & add pics to it.  A moderator will then have to ok it / them (security thing, sorry).

      To form a Rich-Text message,use the Rich -Text Editor at our groups site, not via email.  The link is above your message as you are editing it.

      To add pics inline in a Rich-Text Message, open a second window in your browser and navigate to where the pics live (your groups folder, or Photobucket, or somewhere else on the web, not your machine).  Display the pic, then hilite it (left-click, hold & drag the pointer across it).  Now copy it (right-click & copy, or ctrl-c).  Paste the pic (right-click & paste or ctrl-v) in your message.

      It sounds more complicated than it is, but don't try it pickled.  :O

      I'm sorry I can't make it easier, but I have no control over how Yahoo! writes their site software.  :(




      regards Harry


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