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Re: Stalled fermentation

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  • tykjaw
    hi Jim thanks for comments and also comments re post on new distillers (now deleted in embarrassment lol) Have taken all your suggestions on board and booked
    Message 1 of 18 , Jun 30, 2009
      hi Jim

      thanks for comments and also comments re post on new distillers (now deleted in embarrassment lol)

      Have taken all your suggestions on board and booked an eye test lol

      I have the maltosefalcons pages available for offline reading as the information is probably second to none whilst at the same time being readily understandable to a comparative thicko.

      I was previously a hobby brewer and have only turned to spirits in the past year or so

      Most of my experience has been with turbo yueast, alcotec 48, however for the past few months i have been experimenting with MUM and similar neutrals with bakers yeast and as my previous posts suggest high %abv is not my priority, I only ran turbo to 12% in 30 litres

      The major problem with EC1118 is that my nearest homebrew store that sells it is 14 miles away (the local one prefers the turbo profits) and i have no transport whereas the nearest supermarket bakers yeast is 10 minutes walk away, however if the strain ranches well I think I will get my son to drop me some off, give it a try and take it from there

      Can't say i relish the idea of messing with agar dishes in the fridge and such (too much earache from the mrs) but splitting a starter should maintain a supply and keep fridge tidy, or even just propagating a small amount

      again many thanks jim and will keep you informed

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jamesonbeam1" <jamesonbeam1@...> wrote:
      > Hey Ty,
      > Whether or not your Scottish (or maybe part Jewish like myself), the
      > small difference in cost between bakers yeast and EC-1118 will be well
      > worth your money when you try it, compared to the cost of other
      > components in distilling we use.
      > Being a wine maker and bread maker in past life, I played with bakers
      > yeast, but have found no comparison between that and the Lalvin EC-1118
      > product for distilling. I've compared the K1V-1116 and the 1118 strains
      > on various distillation, along with various wine and whiskey yeasts.
      > However, ive now chosen the 1118 for everything I distill now. This
      > includes Mason's MUM wash (well with my alterations), my fruit brandies,
      > rums and the UJSSM corn sourmash we make.
      > As Wal stated, 1118 is a strain of the S. Bayanus species and can go up
      > to 18% ABV (20% with careful attention to sugar additions, nutrients,
      > etc.) However, it it not just used to restart stuck fermentations. It
      > is one of the fastest acting yeasts around and provides a very neutral
      > fermentation with low amounts of cogeners as long as you dont push it
      > too hard. It also is called the "Killer Strain" since its so highly
      > competitive against wild yeast infections. I've never had any
      > infections while using it.
      > I bought 6 packs last year and have been using the same yeast (with
      > ranching) for all my distillations since then.
      > And yes, while you mentioned you could do a 18% MUM with it, personally
      > i would not go over 16 t0 17% if you want a truely neutral alcohol. If
      > you want to learn how to ranch it, see Dr. MB Raines dissertation on
      > Yeast Propagation in the Info Base in New Distillers (course you
      > probably already know this).
      > Vino es Veritas,
      > Jim aka Waldo.
      > --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "tykjaw" <tykjaw@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I keep threatening to try the ec1118 but from the homebrew store an
      > 11g sachet costs more than a 125g tin of bakers yeast from the
      > supermarket so I never seem to get round to it and no I am not scottish
      > lol
      > >
      > > The bakers yeast always works fine for me with the MUM recipe and the
      > product seems neutral and requires no ageing, perhaps my taste buds have
      > been affected over the years, its a definite possibility
      > >
      > > Its still on the agenda tho, perhaps try pushing a MUM to 18 sometime
      > >
      > > > All in all I have grown pretty fond of the ol bakers yeast. it does
      > pretty good for me. Unless I want something neutral. Then its always
      > EC1118.. (that stuff is like gold to me. Never let's you down and always
      > works till the end:)
      > > > "NameLess"
      > >
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