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FW: Big news from the USA

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  • Tony & Elle Ackland
    From one of our lurkers ...... ********************************************** This is from A.Nonymous who happened to find a wholesaler s letter in his
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
      From one of our lurkers ......


      This is from A.Nonymous who happened to find a wholesaler's letter in his
      homebrew shop's trash can (it was sitting on the top of the pile!)
      the letter is an annual release called Good Libations from the F.H. Steinbart
      Co. wholesaler of homebrew equipment in the U.S.A. February 2002 edition.
      New product line nearly ready to roll out.
      It's not very often that a wholesaler comes out with an entire new line of
      products, but it is about to happen at Steinbart Wholesale. We have entered
      into an agreement with Fermtech Ltd. of New Zealand to be their sole US
      distributors. This company should not be confused with Fermtech of Canada,
      makers of wonderful racking and bottling equipment. At this writing, our
      container is waiting to be cleared through customs, and if all goes well we
      should have everything priced out, numbers assigned and items ready to sell
      within a few more days. To get an idea of the types of products we are
      talking about, go to www.stillspirits.com . We are in no way advising or
      implying that any of these products be illegally used in the US in ways that
      are legal in New Zealand but would violate US laws. We have had many dozens
      of customers ask us for these desirable products. We have advised those
      customers that what we will sell can be used legally in the US provided they
      are only used for production of specific, non-illegal products. We will send
      out more information in the next few weeks. So to all the customers who have
      been so very patient during this challenging venture: "thank you."."
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