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RE: [Distillers] Being banished ..

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  • D. C.
    Well, I m not allowed to ferment my
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2002
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      << Is it inevitable that all brewers/distillers eventually get banished from
      using the kitchen for their experiments ? >>

      Well, I'm not allowed to ferment my spirits in the kitchen, as it supposedly
      takes up too much valuable counter space. Supposedly there isn't enough room
      to cook meals, wash dishes, and other "kitchen-type-things." I tried to
      point out how much work is then being saved by not being able to do these
      things, but my ingenious view was met with a menacing look. So my
      fermentation has found a happy residence in our bedroom (well, happy for me,
      but then again I have come to love the smell of fermenting brew).

      When it comes to running the still, I'm still free and clear to run it in
      the kitchen. Mine is a small stove top modified-pressure cooker pot still,
      used to do small alcohol batches and to distill essential oils. But, I have
      a feeling when my new project (which should be under way in about a week or
      two) comes together, I'll again have to find a new place.

      My new project it to try my hand at a vapor managed reflux/fractioning still
      made from a 5 US gal. Cornelius soda keg. This will have 2 1500W elements
      (two for fast boil, then one for the run). I've not decided on the column
      and condenser specs yet, as I'll have to see how my financial situation is
      at the time. I have decided, however, that I will probable use a "gloved
      cold finger" as the reflux condenser, and a Liebig for the distillate

      The still may be too large for our kitchen, so that may be the only factor
      as to why I would not be able to use the kitchen. I am trying to toy with
      different column height ideas to allow for me to do runs in the kitchen. The
      Cornelius keg is roughly 66 cm high. I was thinking about putting on either
      a 38 mm or 50 mm diameter (depending on my financial standing at the time)
      about 61 cm high. The reason for the short column length is because the
      reflux condenser will have to sit on top of the column, and I'm not sure how
      long that will be. Also, or ceilings here in our flat are not tall at all,
      so I have to take that into consideration. I was thinking about making the
      gloved cold finger reflux condenser about 30 cm long -- but I don't know if
      this will be long enough to allow for proper cooling, without allowing
      vapors to escape through the top of the reflux column.

      The Liebig condenser will be about 46 cm to 61 cm long. This will depend on
      the actual length really needed to properly cool the distillate. I have been
      playing with Tony's calculators to try to get a good idea of what would be a
      good length.

      Anyway . . . my post is getting too long. I'll wrap it up now. If anyone
      needs graphic to aid in their visualization of my project, just drop a line
      and I'll post some to the list.

      Sorry for writing soooooo much.

      Your Brother in Spirit,
      Rev. David M. Cunningham

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