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Re: Planning an apple wash

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Hi Zap, Yes, Ive taken apple cider and added a can of frozen apple juice (12 oz with ascorbic acid - not citric) per gallon. As you said, apples average
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      Hi Zap,

      Yes, Ive taken apple cider and added a can of frozen apple juice (12 oz with ascorbic acid - not citric) per gallon.  As you said, apples average (depending on variety) about 10% sugars or brix levels which work out to around a 5% ABV. 

      With the frozen juice this worked out to around a 8% ABV so I still added another 1/2 lb. sugar per gallon which brought it up to almost 12% and still had plenty of flavors.

      Ive also done it the standard way - most recipes call for 1 lb. sugar per gallon of apple cider including E.C. Kraus and others.  This stuff came out just as good and flavorful.  However, I must say that when that MLF kicked in, there was no comparison in the flavors, body, legs and bouquet of that apple wine. 

      You really shoould try it sometimes... 

      As far as stills go, Im just a simple pot stiller like ZB, so cant say nothin about reflux.  But last year when I distilled about 4 gallons of apple cider wine, it came out a pretty good apple brandy (didnt have time to age it though ) - all them "angels"  around the house and neighborhood got their share before i could put it on wood...:):).

      Vino es Veritas,

      Jim aka Waldo.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Zapata Vive" <zapatavive@...> wrote:
      > A little apple lit up over my head recently thinking of an apple wash. Apple juice / cider only ferments out to 5% ish. There is debate as how much the flavor is reduced by supplementing with sugar. So I recently checked the frozen apple juice concentrate in my local grocery. $1.15 per 12 oz can, ingredients only apple juice concentrate and citric acid. 29 grams sugar per 2 oz "serving".
      > So, why not use this to boost up the cider? 2 gallons cider to 3 cans concentrate gives an all apple wash of right at about 10% ABV potential (loosely figuring). Anybody done, or thought of this before? Any speculation why not to do it?
      > Right now I'm thinking I'll do 12 or so gallon wash at the above ratio, add some yeast energizer, skip pectinase since the juice / cider is plenty clear enough, ferment about 60*F with 1116 yeast, run through the still once with an estimated equivilant of 4 or 5 plates worth of packing in a 2" column, no reflux.
      > Comments welcome, particularly from brandy makers using columns. I'm kinda going off artisan distiller's info on the still setup. He states that most brandy stills use 4 or 5 columns (as did Harry recently). I figure I can get a pretty good guess at what an eqiuvilant packing length would be, and run it off slow instead of messing with reflux. But I don't know, anybody have thoughts, or how you make your brandies in a column?
      > Also, any insight into cuts would be interesting. There is brief but vague info on cuts in artisan distilling, should I just let my tongue make the cuts?
      > I think I'll skip any malo-lactic fermentation, although that sounds fascinating. Maybe I'll save some wine and try it. I did have some thoughts on it, in a different post.

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