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Flow characteristics (was) Re: Transferred from new distillers

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  • miciofelice2003
    Ciao a tutti. ... source ... ================= Yes, but is the difference of level existing between the up and the down that cause the movement of water:
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 13, 2009
      Ciao a tutti.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Sherman" <pintoshine@...> wrote:
      > Your analogy to a river is flawed in that gravity is the single
      > of energy.

      Yes, but is the difference of level existing between the "up" and
      the "down" that cause the movement of water: if the "down" is at the
      same level of the "up" no movement can exist, as you easily can see.

      The condenser by itself cannot suck the vapor if the vapor
      > is not first being generated by the heater.

      Quite obvious, but I wasn't talking about the device that first
      generated the vapour, but about the fact that the vapour isn't moved
      by the pressure but by the difference of pressure existing between
      two sections (Bernoulli docet), particularly the boiler and the

      ..... but the constant flow of vapor
      > upward quickly fills any void crated by the condenser.

      In fact I had some strong doubts about the fact that the movement in
      that section is laminar: a flow is laminar when the fluis flow in
      parallel layers, with no disruption between the layers. If the vapour
      fills any void is quite obvious thar there is a changement in the
      direction of the layers, and so the movement of the vapour is chaotic
      ( the so called turbulent regime). But this is good because a
      turbulent regime allow all the vapour to get in contact with the
      condenser wall.

      The changes in
      > pressure are usually at the top of the condenser not at the bottom.

      Yes, of course: is on the top that vapour start to find the cold
      temperature to change the state from vapour to liquid.

      Ciao a tutti

      micio felice
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