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Re: Reflux Woes still no azetrope etho.

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  • Harry
    ... vaporspeed ... properly. ... collar ... now. ... Trying ... things. ... I ll say it again...the problem is to do with not enough column height for adequate
    Message 1 of 47 , Jan 5 3:36 PM
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Well, you probably loose some 200W or less from the boiler so it
      > > shouldn't be a problem either.
      > >
      > > I must say I'm a bit puzzled. You are running at correct
      > > and the RR is around 10:1 and you let your rig stabilize
      > > That should automatically net you 95.6% stuff.
      > >
      > > Few other checks that I can think of, the packing is not resting
      > > against the sink drain or against the collar? Then there's the
      > > that could be smaller, other than I can't think of anything right
      > >
      > > Cheers, Riku
      > Yes the Packing was against the collar. probably pretty good up
      > against it as well. How far away should it be?
      > It was not resting against the sink drain. There was about 3"
      > distance between the bottom packing and the sink drain.
      > How would either effect? I will also fix the collar diameter.
      > to think of a way to press one in without having to desolder
      > Shouldnt be that hard. Maybe we found my transgression.
      > Mason

      I'll say it again...the problem is to do with not enough column
      height for adequate separation. Every text you read says that column
      height (more precisely, HETP of your packing) decides purity. Note
      also that as you go for higher purity, much more height is required
      for minimal gain.


      "Height : This is the purity. Use the wee interactive applet at the
      start of this page to see how the number of stages or HETP's improves
      the purity. Its easy to get the first gains up to 90%, but then more
      difficult to squeeze out the last improvements towards 95%+ Lets
      assume (we'll come back to this) that each HETP for scrubbing pads is
      around 15cm... then for a 15% wash, No packing, purity = 62% , 15cm
      packing = 82%, 30cm = 88%, 45cm = 90%, 60cm = 92%, 75cm = 92.8%, 90cm
      = 93.4%, 105cm = 93.9%. These won't be exact, and depend on a number
      of different factors, but it shouldn't be too far off. So, if height
      is a problem, and you're happy with low 90's, then 60cm should do ya.
      If you want to make a perfect vodka, go for 120 to 150cm. Normally
      I'd recommend at least 100cm, but the choice is yours, as it depends
      on the type of product you want to make."

      "Chemists have derived equations to calculate of the number of
      theoretical plates needed to achieve any desired degree of purity in
      a distillation. When these calculations are performed for ethanol and
      water, it turns out that 95% ethanol requires at least 12 plates
      under full reflux conditions."
      THE COMPLEAT DISTILLER - Nixon & McCaw 1st ed. pg 25

      regards Harry
    • duds2u
      I found that there was a very small amount of play in the T piece that allowed me to do it so I didn t have to bend anything. ... pooling ? ... fitting
      Message 47 of 47 , Jan 9 3:10 PM
        I found that there was a very small amount of play in the "T" piece
        that allowed me to do it so I didn't have to bend anything.

        --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Zapata Vive" <zapatavive@...> wrote:
        > How did you manage to "raise the ends of the cross to prevent
        > I think that means you bent the two horizontal arms of the "T"
        fitting slightly up? I thought of that, but couldn't think of a good
        way, especially without throwing them out of round. I also didn't
        really feel like messing around with it too much, that fitting cost me
        more than my column!
        > Tips much appreciated on this, I've got a friend thinking of
        building, and if I could convince him his would be even better than
        mine, he'd take the bait for sure!
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